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Adam McLeod

Adam McLeodNever underestimate your own power in your health and healing. Visualizations are a tool for you to use. Your response to them is an individual process.


Your intentions play a vital role in your healing process, as a positive attitude promotes healing. This knowledge is undeniable and instinctive. Medical communities in cultures all around the world have known for thousands of years that a focused positive patient is more likely to heal. Yet using your intentions to assist your healing is not promoted in the western medical system. Why is this important aspect of healing overlooked and what can you do about it?

Since the 1950s when Watson and Crick solved the structure of DNA, the scientific community has been obsessed with finding a structural biochemical explanation for every biological event. In 2003, the human genome was sequenced and at that time this promised to be the final frontier in molecular biology, which would leave few remaining mysteries.

Rather than solving all biological questions, it became very evident that there are many important mechanisms which are poorly understood. Stem cells are particularly effective at highlighting some key concepts that remain unknown. Every cell in a person’s body carries the exact same genetic information, yet the brain cells look and function dramatically different than skin cells. How is this possible?

It turns out that there are proteins that associate with the DNA, and it is these proteins that determine which genes are “turned on” and which ones are not. It is this selective control of the DNA that results in these cells having completely different properties. These discoveries resulted in the development of a new field of study known as epigenetics. This is important in regards to healing because these proteins are incredibly sensitive to their environment.

The slightest change in your environment results in significant changes to these proteins, which subsequently influence every aspect of cell metabolism. When you are trying to improve your health, regardless of what the medical condition is, the goal is to change cell metabolism such that balance can once again be restored.

Your environment has a significant and detectable impact on changes in every cell in your body. A crucial factor in your environment is how you choose to perceive events, as your body reacts differently when relaxed as opposed to when it is stressed or tensed. If you perceive a situation as positive and ideal for healing, then this changes the environment within your body. This directly influences cellular events and consequently, your health. Know that your own thoughts and intentions influence your biochemistry, thus assisting your own healing process.

Remember that your cells are conscious organisms doing everything possible to maximize their contribution to your health and well-being. Every cell in your body is functioning together for the benefit of the whole organism: you! This knowledge is very empowering because you have the power to influence every biochemical event that occurs in your body.

ADAM MCLEOD, B.SC. First Class Honors in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, First Nations healer, speaker, international best selling author (books in 21 languages in 35 countries); Qigong young visionary award; Golden Key Award; nominated for Dr. Rogers prize for excellence in Complementary and Alternative medicine. Currently in 2nd year medical school.

Adam is author of "Intention Heals" and "DreamHealer" series combines the subtle energy he "sees" as a healer using his Native American experience in aboriginal healing, and cutting-edge biosciences he knows as a molecular biologist . He has presented with Dr. Edgar Mitchell many times in conferences, who in the film "The Living Matrix" credits Adam with distantly healing his kidney carcinoma.

Adam has been sharing his knowledge and experiences in energy healing for a number of years and has had a number of guest speakers at his conferences - Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Lee Pulos among them. He has presented at the Association of Complementary and Integrative Physicians of BC conferences with Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. David Suzuki. Adam was the keynote presenter at the Northwest Naturopathic Physicians Convention.

Over the past 8 years Adam has demonstrated a desire and ability to heal as he encourages others to play an active role in their own healing. His message is for others to become self-empowered and know that their own thoughts influence their body's biochemistry to assist in the healing process. Adam's techniques can be used with any healing modality. His message is for people to get involved in the healing process for themselves.


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