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David Carson

David CarsonNative American medicine springs from civilizations that lived in cooperation with all of life for millennia on this American continent. An awareness of the sacred informed every aspect of the healing technologies of these societies. Traditions were shaped by a deep and abiding connection to the land and its sustenance. Reverence for the immensity and beauty of the great mysterious world we find ourselves in was universal. Connection to the cosmos determined our health, be it good or ill.


I have long been interested in various occluded aspects of the ancient legacies of Native America. When I was growing up, my aunts Ruby and Agnes along with my mom, Opal, belonged to native women's circles that were devoted to preserving secret knowledge and unwritten practices. For instance, these circles cleansed and fed power objects. During the lunar year, there were times to open and close sacred medicine packs and perform life-enhancing ceremonies. Many power songs were sung and passed from women to men, then from men to women. The sacred information and training flowed over time in this manner from one generation to another. Some awareness of this rubbed off on me, but I certainly didn't know it then. I was too busy being a kid and having fun. From my aunts, I learned to observe animals in the wild and about their powers. My mom taught me to be proud of my Indian heritage and to respect the beating heart of it traditions. When I grew older, I sought to gain some of this secret knowledge through formal apprenticeship and by going to live among the indigenous people of Montana and Canada.

I always go back to Oklahoma, to the Choctaw nation, when I am spiritually malnourished or in times of great trouble. Outsiders never understand how such a historical hornet's nest of rigidity and intolerance can also be the source of truth and light, yet it can.

DAVID CARSON, best-selling author of highly acclaimed non-fiction works about native wisdom, was raised in Oklahoma Indian Country and is of Choctaw descent. He has lived on Native American reservations in Montana and Canada, learning from many tribal elders and legendary medicine carriers, and has traveled internationally, teaching seminars with indigenous shamans in such diverse locations as Siberia, Hawaii and Iceland. David has given thousands of consultations and animal card readings worldwide, helping people to find their power and personal truth through the knowledge and ways of animals.


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