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Don Beck

Don BeckDon Beck transmits from his own deepest conviction why we must understand the fundamental and often widely differing ways in which both individual human beings and entire cultures prioritize their values. Only then can we address the root causes of social fragmentation and conflict, and create a form of global governance that will guide the emergence of a new society in the twenty-first century.


In his book Thomas L. Friedman declares "The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century." The "Flatness," however, only describes a growing economic interdependency linking market place inputs and outputs that, indeed cross historical cultural and geographic boundaries. Yet, the human capacities, living conditions, and adaptive intelligences are not level and even. They are diverse, fragmented, stratified. The earth (the blue ball that hangs in space without a string) is not a smooth ball of equality; rather it is more like a relief map with peaks and valleys of complexity and opportunity. Without an understanding of the intrinsic codes of cultural development, that spread their codes over geographic landscapes, along with insight into the patterns inherent in human emergence, these conditions will persist, in spite of all the conferences, summits, fund raising spectaculars, and other top-down initiatives.

In addition to the drastic need for prophets, also add the critical role of pathfinders and, of course, popularizers as we seek to address these gaps in an integral, holonic, and realistic fashion. Gandhi was right: "We must be the change we want to see in the world." This, however, will not be enough, especially if the change we want to see is not good for the world. In its place I suggest: "Do the change the world needs done, here's why, here's how.

This fast-paced presentation at The Great Rethinking in Bath will describe the why and the how. It reflects 40 years of academic/scientific research and 30 years of specific applications, from transforming South Africa out of apartheid to fresh approaches to integrating cultural differences, even those that current spark fundamentalism and lethal holy wars. Reflecting the seminal thinking of Professor Clare W. Graves (Union college, New York) and the years of practical application in a myriad of field tests and case-studies. This presentation will lift your thinking onto a new dimension, a new consciousness level. What is known as Spiral Dynamics will rekindle your own hope that we, as humans, can find our way out of the current mess and, by working together in a series of MeshWORKS programs, we can not only meet the needs of people at different stages, levels and waves of emergence, but we can all so enhance local capacities to create and maintain a sustainable life style, for all of us.

So, no more prizes for forecasting the rain. Only prizes for building the ark. (Just be careful if you bring the woodpeckers on board.)

DON BECK, PhD, co-founded the National Values Institute and is CEO of the Spiral Dynamics Group, Inc. He has used Spiral Dynamics for over thirty years to find solutions to real problems, including over sixty visits to South Africa between 1981 to 1988 to inspire solutions for a peaceful transition from apartheid. He is co-author with Christopher Cowen of Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership & Change.


DVD Designing A Future For All Of Us
DVD Andrew Cohen and Don Beck "Spiritual Teacher/Spiritual Activist"
CD Designing A Future For All Of Us
CD Andrew Cohen and Don Beck "Spiritual Teacher/Spiritual Activist"
From The Great Rethinking Bath: Challenging our Personal and Planetary Destiny

BOOK Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership and Change

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