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Elisabet Sahtouris

Elisabet Sahtouris“I have gained and sustained my optimism as a humble student of our living universe, our living Earth, which clearly shows us the way out of our adolescent crisis into a mature global future. The sooner we create our vision of all we desire, set our intention to implement it together, and put our individual capacities into collective action, the greater our chances of success.”


Elisabet Sahtouris, PhD, is an evolution biologist, futurist, author, speaker and consultant on Living Systems Design. Showing the relevance of evolving biological systems to organizational design, she travels as a speaker in North, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. She makes film, television and radio appearances in addition to live speeches and workshops.

Dr. Sahtouris is a citizen of the United States and of Greece, with a Canadian Ph.D. She did her post-doctoral work at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, taught at the University of Massachusetts and M.I.T., was a science writer for the HORIZON/ NOVA TV series. She was invited to China by the Chinese National Science Association, organized Earth Celebrations 2000 in Athens, Greece, and has been a United Nations consultant on indigenous peoples. She is a participant in the Humanity 3000 dialogues of the Foundation for the Future, the Synthesis Dialogues with the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, and consults with corporations and government organizations in Australia, Brazil and the USA.

Her books include: Biology Revisioned, A Walk Through Time: From Stardust to Us, EarthDance: Living Systems in Evolution.

Dr. Sahtouris uses nature’s principles and practice, revealed in biological evolution, as useful models for organizational change. She applies them in the corporate world, in global politics and economics, in our efforts to create sustainable health and well-being for humanity within the larger living systems of Earth.


DVD Nature’s Secrets of Success
CD Nature’s Secrets of Succes
From The Great Rethinking Bath: Challenging our Personal and Planetary Destiny

BOOK EarthDance: Living Systems in Evolution

KINDLE EarthDance: Living Systems in Evolution

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