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FlordemayoA Mayan elder and healer/curandera, Flordemayo is a sundancer who considers her Mayan heritage a keystone of her work. She is part of the Wisdom of the Grandmother’s Foundation and a member of the Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. Flordemayo and the grandmothers have travelled around the world uniting people in a circle of prayer.


These changes that we are going through are not anything that started even in the last decade, in the last generation. It is a time of vision keepers and the dreamers. I put myself as a dreamer/visionary. I think of myself as having significant visions. No one has ever said to me, “You are a visionary,” but because of these significant dreams, I know myself this way.

The guidance I am getting from the invisible beings as we stand on the cross roads on this new count is that we as humanity are receiving guidance from all the different nationalities. The word of the invisibles is to unite. This is part of the prophecies written hundreds of years back.

It is a re-enactment. The cycles are very similar. The earth is going through a particular cycle. Every so often it is goes through an exaggeration. The Mayans already had documented this. The earth through its natural cycles goes into gestation. In this gestation there is a renewal, not only of the physical earth but everything as a whole. Everything that exists within nature; human-animal and the elements are part of the change of this transformation.

The beautiful thing happening at this particular time is the awakening of the spiritual consciousness; not just one spiritual leader of a particular country. Now we have many spiritual leaders. We see it when people come together. One hundred years ago it was not this way. Now everyone is a minister, everyone is walking and practicing ministry.

Everywhere we go there are keepers of wisdom and knowledge who have awakened their inner desire to know. Their inner being has brought them into an exploration of this huge mystery. A huge collective journey is happening. It did not just start in the mid-eighties with the Harmonic Convergence.

The vision of the golden child has appeared in many cultures around the world. This is the true enlightened being that has come back to unite us. The people that work with this golden being are the true peacemakers.

The future road is in the sacred scriptures.


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