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Freddy Silva

Freddy SilvaAncient texts throughout the world speak of sacred sites as living entities where people are ‘transformed into gods, into bright stars’. And evidence shows how such places of power are indeed built at magnetically sensitive locations, and according to an ancient design that is capable of altering a person’s state of consciousness.


How is it that ancient civilizations were able to maintain their cultures in perfect equilibrium for thousands of years but ours become dysfunctional within a few decades?

One answer is to look at the legacy of ancient temples, oracles and sacred sites they left behind. By understanding sacred sites we can learn what they do for us, to us, how and why. This requires looking beyond the obvious physical facade, and into the layers of coding, metaphor and subtle force. That’s when you arrive at the true temple, the invisible temple.

For several decades I've walked countless temples around the world, taking in both their spatial and special qualities. After a while it became apparent that sacred sites are speaking. A mythical, invisible spirit of place is aware of your presence and purpose. Like a credit card reader it scans your human energy field, and should the PIN match, you engage in an intimate conversation. Thus begins the relationship with the genus loci, the spirit of place.

Eventually you realize there is a library of knowledge being shared. Its contents are boundless and timeless, the sum of all there is: Universal codes of energy, ancient systems of knowledge, measure and proportion, and how these can be applied at any given moment in our lives to enhance our earthly potential. Depending on what you are seeking, the experience will alter your consciousness. Which is precisely the purpose of such places of power.

The elements that make nature tick—magnetism, water, stone, sacred geometry, sacred measure, sound—converge at sacred sites. By carefully blending these principles together, it is possible to open a portal of connectivity to other levels of reality. It is even possible to apply the same principles today to construct a temple wherever you are. And that is precisely what our ancestors were up to when they created a grid of tens of thousands of temples all over the world.

FREDDY SILVA is one of the world’s leading researchers of sacred sites, ancient systems of knowledge and the interaction between temples and consciousness. He is the best-selling author of Secrets in the Fields: The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles. His new book is Common Wealth/Legacy of the Gods: The Origin of Sacred Sites and the Rebirth of Ancient Wisdom. He has also directed several documentaries. He lectures internationally and has appeared on the Discovery Channel, BBC, and radio shows such as Coast To Coast.


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