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Miguel Angel Vergara Calleros

Miguel Angel Vergara"Now, we are in those days when many people are talking about 2012: and some of them don’t see the positive side of the Prophecies because they are looking only at the surface of the Prophecies and not at the deeper meaning of the Prophecies."


To describe the Prophecies, the Ancient order of the ‘Chilam-Balam’ (Jaguar-Prophets) used a special language called ‘ZUYYA-THAN’ (pristine language) or the ‘AKAB-DZIB-MAYAB-THAN’ language (hidden wisdom writings).

As we sat on the Jaguar Throne at the top of the K'u-Kuul-Kaan pyramid in Chichen Itza, my teacher Don Vicente Martin told me one of the Oral Tradition Maya Prophecies:

The ancient ones said that the Maya Lands are the home of the bird called ‘T’HO’, a bird with beautiful blue feathers, and these birds are our Grandfathers and they are waiting for the Goddess to come back again (Waiting for the Awakening of the Sacred Feminine).

The Goddess will bring again the Solar-Knowledge to Humankind; and allow them to fly out of their caves. (It means that Human Beings will fly again in spirit out of their bodies (their caves) applying the Solar-Wisdom in order to once again reach the Stars.

Now, it is the time to fly out of our own limitations and to see and to experience in our spirit and the spirit of one ‘Whose Name is Whispered in a Breath’ the amazing gift we have to change anything in a positive and creative manifestation of Love and Life.

Now, it is the moment to manifest again the Maya within (‘to be a chosen one’) because you have the Science (the intellect) and the Spirit (in your Heart) to fulfil the great responsibility facing 2012: to guide Humankind again, through our actions and words, to the balance and harmony that the ancient ones; Hunab-Ku, Itzamana, IxCheel, and K'u-Kuul-Kaan, desired for us.

MIGUEL ANGEL VERGARA CALLEROS has spent over 25 years studying the Maya Sacred Wisdom and has apprenticed for 17 years with Mayan elder Don Vincente Martin, who was a wisdom keeper, professional teacher and artist. Miguel Angel became a master in his own right, known as Master Nazul, and teaches seminars in Mexico and abroad on Mayan astronomy, philosophy, calendar, glyphs and symbols, medicine, cosmovision, traditions and prayers, ceremonies and healing. He teaches us how to connect with the masters of light who are available to teach and guide us now, as in ancient times.


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