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"What happens after death is so unspeakably glorious that our imagination and feelings do not suffice to form even an approximate conception of it." —Carl Jung (after his NDE)

28 April 2013

When a Loved One Dies - Finding Meaning In the Light of Death
Robin Johnson with Tim Freke
9am Los Angeles • 12pm New York • 5pm London • 6pm Paris

Death is a powerful spiritual teacher, challenging us to discover who we really are, showing us what really matters and leading us to a deeper love of life that embraces both joy and sorrow.

Tim Freke has an honours degree in philosophy, is an internationally respected authority on world spirituality, is the author of over thirty books that have established his reputation as a scholar and free-thinker, has been featured in documentaries broadcast by the BBC and the History Channel, blogs for The Huffington Post and, and is the founder of The Alliance for Lucid Living.

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Tim seeks to transform our understanding of death completely and boldly suggests that death is an integral part of existence, to be embraced and not feared. He offers a completely positive approach to life and death in which dying, aging, suffering, and grief are portrayed as parts of a process of spiritual awakening. Of becoming aware of a love so deep it mitigates all our heartache and misery. Of realizing we are more than we can possibly imagine. Of discovering a profound faith, beyond the scope of words to ever express, that everything is fine. Things are meant to be the way they are. Life is good and death is safe.

During this online video conversation Tim and Robin will discuss

• the importance of remembrance of death on the journey of spiritual awakening.
• How to live with great loss.
• What the mystics mean by the discovery of our 'unbornness'.
• The different spiritual ideas about the nature of death held by different spiritual traditions and how it may be possible to harmonize them into one coherent vision.
• Whether the idea of survival of death is contradicted by the findings of modern science.

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The program will be 90-minutes and will be recorded, so if you are not able to join us during the "live" session you will be able to watch at any time that is convenient. During the live session we invite you to share your perspectives, ask questions, and join the conversation.
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