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Below are comments from amazinGRACE® students about the training, the healing results from their volunteer clients and a heartwarming story of a cat.

“Miracles do not happen in contradiction to nature, but only in contradiction to that which is known to us in nature.” —St. Augustine

Students & volunteers

Pain-free hands after 30 years and hip

Shavonne and Elizabeth

Ellie and Scott share what happened

Carl and Michelle - a healing story
Feedback on the training

Louisa shares her experience of the amazinGRACE® training in Mallorca

Donna shares her experience of the amazinGRACE® training in Mallorca

Robin Johnson shares her experience of the amazinGRACE® training in Hawaii

Katie after completing 20% of the training: Part 1Part 2

Part 1
• Bonny's experience
Part 2 • Bonny's recommendation
Robin Johnson with Felicitas Besser on amazinGRACE
Graduate student Felicitas shares her experience as an amazinGRACE® practitioner

Schon the cat and amazinGRACE Manuela is a practitioner of amazinGRACE® and also a teacher at the École San Esprit in Bavaria. Last year she visited friends just before Christmas and their cat was very sick. The doctors could not find a cause and could not help and suggested they put it down.


Manuela wanted to try to save the cat and took the video to document the results. She worked twice while she was there, the cat got better and they decided to let her live to see if she might even get well completely. In January at the next visit Ina worked again with amazinGRACE® and in February the cat is super healthy and happy!

More results

Frances shares the result of her amazinGRACE® session

Nicolaii almost jogs up the stairs after only ONE session

10 Healing Miracles

Click on the image below and watch 10 amazing Healing Miracles.

Ulla - atlas healing

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