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amazinGRACE® Certification Training
  Includes KAR® Karmic Atlas Realignment and SKYourself®

29 April - 10 May 2019 Mallorca, Spain

amazinGRACE healing resultsWhat you will learn...

This intensive course will provide you with simple but powerful healing methods to resolve your patients' physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues. Known for its miraculous results, amazinGRACE® is a remarkably swift healing system. Visible results include the readjustment of the spinal column, hip realignment, leg length, reduced swelling, pains vanishing, calcified shoulders regaining mobility plus many other diseases that are successfully treated.

Operating as the skeleton’s support structure, the spinal column transmits neural information and chemical messengers between the brain and the organs. Known in Sanskrit as ‘shushumna’, it carries our karma and prenatal patterns as well as operating as our principal energy channel. Through the energetic impulses of amazinGRACE®, old karmic patterns dissolve to be replaced by fresh consciousness, body awareness and the potential for spiritual growth.

Patients may experience their spinal column straightening in seconds allowing pain and chronic illness to be treated swiftly. Clients may feel their organs shift back to the correct position and painful joints and limbs becoming fully mobile and pain free. amazinGRACE® re-establishes the free flow of energy by removing mental blockages, destroying negative thought patterns, behaviors and traumas from previous lives. amazinGRACE® treatments often resolve emotional conditions such as depression, obsessive compulsive disorders and diseases previously considered incurable.

amazinGRACE Training in Hawaii

Additional Healing Techniques included in the Training

KAR® Karmic Atlas Realignment

KAR Atlas Realignment is the healing skill of readjusting the Atlas vertebrae using only energetic impulses. The first vertebra, the Atlas is the apex of the nervous system. Perfect alignment of the Atlas, can therefore remove causes of back pain, scoliosis, and headaches as well as various diseases caused by organ stress and malfunction. The energetic re-alignment of the atlas is completely safe and comfortable and leads to a multiplicity of whole-body benefits.


SKYourself is a simple technique which clears emotional blockages from our lives and helps facilitate physical healing. In SKY, elements of energetic work and spirituality unite with modern psychology and therapy. This method makes it possible to lead the patient through a deep resolution process in the protected environment of a therapy or healing session, without exposing the soul-spirit-body system to the stress of re-experiencing or traumatizing remembrances. The SKY training can also be taken independently. Learn more about SKY

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