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A Western Feminine Approach to Ancient Magic
Shamanic Journeying with Anna Hunt
Introduction and 4-Part Experiential Course

Anna Hunt in TiponThis is an experiential course to learn ancient shamanic techniques utilizing crystals, sound, power animals, and the chakras. Anna will take you on a trip around Peru and share the essentials of her 40,000-year-old shamanic tradition.

Peru is home to 28 of the world’s 32 ecosystems. Shamans - healers who work with energy to alleviate mental, emotional and physical distress - draw on nature for their power. It follows that a country so diverse in natural flora and fauna is likewise home to a multitude of different shamanic traditions.

However despite this diversity, at their heart all shamanic traditions have an identical goal - namely to help each of us energetically detox, releasing the blocks that cause ill-health and distress, disconnect us from alignment with all aspects of ourselves, and prevent us living fulfilled, meaningful lives.

During each session Anna explores one of the four principal tools used by all shamans to achieve this goal.

Shamanism is all about accessing wisdom from experience, as opposed to acquiring more knowledge from books, the Internet etc. In keeping with this fundamental principle, this 4-Part course focuses on facilitating your experiential understanding of these powerful and beautiful traditions.

Course Outline


In preparation for the course Anna Hunt reads from her book The Shaman In Stilettos: The Adventures of a Modern Day Woman in a Mystical Tradition.

Session 1 · Sound

‘Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it,’ said Einstein. Energy consists of waves of moving light vibrating at different frequencies which can be altered through sound. It follows that all shamans employ music to move energy and heal clients. Whether it’s an ayahuascero’s icaros in the Amazon, or the rattling of the chunganero in the Northern deserts of Peru, sound is a crucial tool in any shaman’s toolkit.

During the session Anna will talk in greater depth about this principle, as well as giving a practical demonstration of how she uses sound in her work.

Session 2 · Power Animals

Every shaman has at least one power animal that s/he draws on for added power, confidence and clarity. During this session Anna sheds light on the differences between power animals, archetypes and symbols, enhancing our understanding of what a power animal really is and highlighting how they can augment our lives on a practical level. She will then lead a guided meditation to enhance your connection with your own power animal, enabling you to draw on the intuitive wisdom these spirit guides can provide.

Session 3 · Crystals

Crystals are the oldest natural objects on the planet, having lived through a host of different geographies and environments. Shamans draw their power from nature and crystals are crucial tools in facilitating energetic and emotional detoxing.

After explaining the theory of how crystals work, Anna leads a deep visualization which she combines with crystal work, to give a practical demonstration of this technique in action. Please bring a crystal with you to this session.

Session 4 · The Chakras

All ancient, pagan cultures - from ancient Egypt to the Indian Hindus to the shamanic traditions of North and South America – stress the importance of the chakras or energy centres as barometers of good health. Today Anna talks more about what the chakras really are – the organs, emotions and life aspects associated with each one. She then leads a practical visualization to demonstrate how you can work with these energy vortices to enhance their power and vitality, and to release any blocks in your life - from financial challenges associated with the third chakra or problems accessing your creativity or birthing the right relationships which stem from the first chakra. Please bring a crystal with you to this session.

Course fee: €49
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about Anna Hunt

Anna Hunt Upon completing her MA in modern history at Cambridge, Anna started her journalism career making television documentaries for the UK’s Channel 4, before moving into newspapers. She established herself as a celebrity interviewer and by 27 she was features editor of The Mail On Sunday’s Night & Day Magazine, the highest-selling newspaper quality supplement in the UK.

Stress led to burn-out and she took a three-month sabbatical to Peru. By chance she met a shaman who – despite her cynicism – cured her health challenges, and offered her the once in a lifetime opportunity to become his apprentice and study the ancient healing arts passed down orally in strict secrecy from shaman to shaman for over 40,000 years. Her experiences are recorded in The Shaman in Stilettos, published by Penguin and described as ‘the English Eat, Pray, Love’ by The Daily Mail.

13 years later, Anna still writes for The Daily Mail. She lectures internationally to corporations, such as Greenpeace, and she leads retreats, workshops and one-on-one consults with her portfolio of private and corporate clients.

Anna distils the very best from shamanic techniques, and blends them with cutting-edge modern techniques that draw on the principles of quantum physics, to assist her clients in handling the inevitable challenges of daily life, and attaining sustainable inner peace. In her hands, shamanism becomes accessible, dynamic and relevant spirituality for the 21st century.

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