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The Hidden Sacred Landscape of Yucatan
In conversation with Freddy Silva

Video - small: Click to Watch

Video - large: Click to Watch

Audio: Click to Listen

About the video

When you "click to watch" from the webpage it will open the video in your browser but sometimes the viewing area is small and the large file may take up to 30-minutes to buffer before it starts streaming depending on your Internet connection speed.

To begin streaming the large video more quickly (around one-minute) try...

Watching in iTunes

1) Open iTunes
3) Go to the FILM section (FILM, MUSIC, TV PROGRAMS, APPS, etc.)
4) Go to FILE --- Open Stream and copy and past this URL...
5) It should begin playing right away with a widescreen and good sound

Watching in VLC

1. Download the VLC media player (it’s free):
2. Open up VLC media player
3. On the top are a row of tabs (Media, Playback, Audio, Video, Tools, View, Help) and click on Media and go to “Open Network Stream”
4. This will open up a dialog box that says Open Media at the top
5. Click on the “Network” tab and you will find a place to enter the video URL. Be sure to include http:// at the beginning, so it looks like this…
6. Click the “Play” button at the bottom of the dialog box, and it should begin streaming
7. Wait one or two minutes and it will begin playing (you may need to click on the Play arrow in the lower left of the media player window)
8. You can adjust the size of the media player to get the best view for your screen

To Download the Video
Mouse over the hyperlink above
Right-click the link (PC) or hold CTRL-key, COMMAND or APPLE key down while clicking (Mac)
Select from the drop-down box “Save link as…” (PC) or “Save to file” (Mac) option


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