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Dreaming the Future Conference in Barcelona

June 23
6:00pm Conference Desk Opens

8:00-10:00pm Opening Presentations

Robin Johnson
Alberto Villoldo, PhD
Cumie Dunio

Jamaica Stevens

ReInhabiting the Village: Becoming a Person of Place

June 24
10:00-2:00pm Morning Presentations and Panel

Elisabet Sahtouris, PhD
Navigating Through Our Perfect Storm of Crises

Carlo Ventura, MD
Unfolding the Vibrational World of Stem Cells:
Electromagnetic and Acoustic Communication for
a New Paradigm in Regenerative Medicine

Alberto Villoldo, PhD | Panel

2:00-4:00pm Lunch Break

4:00-6:30pm Afternoon Presentations

Annette Müller
How will humans heal in the future?

Alberto Villoldo, PhD
One Spirit Medicine: The Mind of God, the Brain of Man,
the Heart of the Shaman

6:30-9:00pm Dinner Break

9:00-11:00pm Concert by Cumie
and MuOM Overtone Singing Choir

June 25
10:00-2:00pm Presentations and Panel

Franz Hörmann, PhD
Systemic Social Sciences - The Way Out
of Economics and Law as they are Practiced Today

Lynne Franks
The POD Effect: Me, We, Us

Jordi Pigem, PhD
Regaining Participation

Jude Curivan, PhD
Unifying Reality

Jamaica Stevens | Panel

Michal Wodzinski
Media Communication, Algorithms and the Human Factor

2:00pm Closing Ceremony, Conference Ends

2:30-4:30pm Intimate Dialoge and Lunch
Alberto Villoldo, Elisabet Sahtouris, Carlo Ventura

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