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Dreaming the Future Conference in Barcelona

23-25 June 2017
Dreaming the Future Conference
CaixaForum | Barcelona, Spain

Alberto Villoldo • Elisabet Sahtouris • Carlo Ventura • Jude Currivan
Franz Hörmann • Lynne Franks • Jamaica Stevens • Jordi Pigem
Cumie Dunio • Annette Müller • Michal Wodzinski

When we join our collective intent and wisdom, the possibilities are infinite.
At Dreaming the Future Conference we will acquire a deeper understanding of our extraordinary human capacities and the reality of the spiritual nature of our world.

The speakers, advocates, storytellers and visionaries coming together in Barcelona share a message of optimism and reveal the power inherent in the human spirit, in each one of us, that when aligned with the true nature of creation, enables us to shape a future at the edge of our imagination that is entirely attainable.

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