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The Great Return: 2012
How can we participate in this process of spiritual awakening?

with John Major Jenkins and Shannon Kring Buset

Maya fire ceremony
When the Maya began a new bak'tun, the people were participants in that change. They questioned where they were going. They asked, 'Where are we? Where do we want to go as a people collectively?'

In this important conversation on THE GREAT RETURN, Shannon Kring Buset together with John Major Jenkins will delve deeply into 2012 in a way you may not have heard before. Jenkins’s pioneering work has stretched over 25 years. His “2012 alignment theory” and his interpretation of “transformation and renewal” is echoed in many areas of the contemporary presentation of 2012. In her film, 2012: The Beginning, Shannon Kring Buset has integrated the work to reconstruct ancient Maya cosmology with the voices of modern Maya leaders and spiritual guides. Her own fascination with the mysterious Red Queen of the La Margarita temple at Copan reminds us that new discoveries are happening all the time, and we are just beginning to understand the true genius of the Maya people.

John and Shannon explore the research and perspectives of the progressive scholars, visionaries, archaeologists, and healers who will be presenting their work at The Great Return conference at Copan December 18-22. As the sun sets on December 21, 2012, the great cycle of 13 Bak'tuns will be completed. The cycle of time will return to its beginning. But “the great return” means so much more. What will return? It is said that the Maya Creation Deities will return. It is said that values honoring co-creative partnership and the Great Mother will return. Father sun will return to his throne in the heart of mother galaxy. Renewal and rebirth are the 2012 themes affirmed by the Maya Creation Mythology. How were these perspectives rediscovered and revived? And how can we participate in this process of spiritual awakening?

our hosts

John Major Jenkins JOHN MAJOR JENKINS has been studying Maya culture and writing about 2012 since the mid-1980s. As an independent scholar, he is the author of over a dozen books on Maya cosmology and calendrics, including The 2012 Story. He is an advisory board member of the Maya Conservancy and Director of The Center for 2012 Studies. He is the originator of the "2012 alignment theory" and has taught at the Institute of Maya Studies, Naropa University, Esalen Institute, the Universidad Francisco Marroquin, and many venues internationally. In 2010 he presented research on 2012 astronomy at the Society for American Archaeology. A recent article was published in 2012: Decoding the Countercultural Apocalypse (ed. Dr. Joseph Gelfer, intro. by Dr. Michael Coe). His latest book is Lord Jaguar and 2012: A Maya King Reaches Through Time.

"Our entire world needs to have a turnabout in its deepest seat of consciousness, flipping the values of a self-serving dominator ethic back around to the community building partnership strategies that were the ideal of indigenous societies. In this regard, the very idea of era-2012 as a time of renewal is exactly what the world at large needs to hear." —John Major Jenkins

Shannon Kring Buset Shannon Kring Buset In 2008, Shannon Kring Buset left behind her career as the award-winning author of four books, executive producer and co-star of an Emmy-winning PBS reality-cooking series, and owner of acclaimed restaurants and culinary schools. She moved to a remote Maya Ch’or’ti’ village on the Honduras-Guatemala border, bringing with her just one suitcase and three goals for inner achievement: to heal her heart, to reconnect with her spirituality, and to discover her higher purpose. She did just that.

Today, Kring Buset is grateful for having lived and worked alongside indigenous elders, spiritual luminaries, world leaders, and other awe-inspiring individuals in places as diverse as Indonesia, Finland, and India. She is dedicated to inspiring others to embrace a more soulful existence, and to preserving dying, living, and emerging wisdom from all four corners of the world.

Kring Buset is a frequent keynote speaker at events around the world, and has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, FOX, Lifetime, NPR, and in more than 150 publications worldwide, including The Wall Street Journal, SmartMoney Magazine, and Redbook. She is currently completing her first novel, also about the ancient Maya. She is the Writer/Director/Producer of the award-winning documentary film 2012: The Beginning and the creator of The Great Return: Copán 2012 sacred tour to Honduras, taking place over the solstice 15-22 December 2012.

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Travel to Copan for the Winter Solstice 2012

15-22 December 2012
Copan only 18-22 December 2012

The Great Return: Copan 2012
Winter Solstice in Honduras

David Sedat · John Major Jenkins · Michael Grofe
Barbara MacLeod · Shannon Kring Buset · Leah Glatz

The Great Return 2012 Follow in the footsteps of the ancient Maya this December, as we journey to Copán, Honduras, in celebration of the conclusion of 13 Bak’tuns (approximately 5,126 years) and of the Maya Long Count calendar. This extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime tour features some of the world’s leading Maya archaeologists, scholars, epigraphers, and archaeoastronomers, who will present the latest breakthroughs in how the ancient Maya thought about 2012. It will also introduce you to the living Maya of Honduras, as well as to ceremonialists, who will welcome us into their lives and sacred rituals. Find out more...


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