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The Yin and Yang of a Writer's Life
6-Part Course
with Jan Phillips

“Thanks for a wonderful six sessions! Learning with you about living in our world as a writer has lifted my spirits. It's raised my awareness of myself, my writing habits and the writing industry.”
—Mary, Switzerland

writer's desk This is a 6-Part intensive writing workshop that deals with the intuitive, interior creative side and the logical, external marketing side of a writer’s life.

We will cover both the WHY-TO and the HOW-TO of our craft, since it is the fusion of both that leads to creative combustion and commercial success.

We'll be joined by guest authors and poets and there are writing prompts every session to warm up.

Some of the areas we'll cover include:

Getting clear on why you’re writing and who are your readers
Finding your voice and trusting its authority whether you're writing songs, novels, blogs, non-fiction, or poetry
Making the proper time and space to support your work
Approaching your writing as a spiritual practice
Knowing how to sustain your enthusiasm & where to go when you need help
Wrestling with the publish/self-publish/do I need an agent conundrums
Using every avenue for creating your platform, growing your audience and expanding your creative reach

What others have to say about The Yin and Yang of a Writer's Life

“I love your spiritual/heart-centered approach to this whole subject, and even though I'd never heard this concept before in terms of 'serious writing', I understood immediately what you were saying - it was a light bulb moment for me so thank you so much for that. The structure is excellent…you have so much to say that's inspiring and I like the exercises as well.”
—Linda, Essex, England

“Thank you for your refreshing spirit and vivid candour, but most of all, for delivering such 'deepness' with touching wit and endearing humour. It was an 'enchantingly' inspiring little odyssey into the World of words and dreams... Truly lovely...”
—Nina, Unionville, Ontario, Canada

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• Each session is approximately 90-minutes with Jan Phillips and special guests
• Unlimited access to stream or download the recordings
• Course fee: 49 euros

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About Jan Phillips

Jan Phillips Jan Phillips is an author, workshop director and social activist. She is co-founder and Executive Director of Livingkindness Foundation, and co-founder of Syracuse Cultural Workers.

She has made a one-woman peace pilgrimage around the world, driven a motorcycle across the country, worked with Mother Teresa, sang with Pete Seeger, and taught with Jane Goodall.

Jan is the author of 9 books that link science, spirituality, creativity and inspired action. Her books include the award winning No Ordinary TimeNo Ordinary Time by Jan Phillips, The Art of Original Thinking, Divining the Body, Marry Your Muse, God Is at Eye Level: Photography as a Healing Art, Making Peace, Born Gay, A Waist Is a Terrible Thing to Mind and Finding the On-Ramp to Your Spiritual Path.

Jan has taught writing at the International Women’s Writing Guild Summer Conference for 23 years.

Visit her websites: and


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