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7 April 2013

Soular Astrology – aligning with the cosmic consciousness of our Soul-ar System
Dr Jude Currivan

11am Los Angeles • 2pm New York • 7pm London · 8pm Paris

Jude Currivan at Abydos, Egypt We are waking up to literally re-member who we really are. Our awareness is expanding beyond the limitations we have experienced and we’re stepping into multi-dimensional realities and discovering that we are cosmic co-creators.

We are becoming explorers of Great Mystery. Ancient and sacred wisdom is being re-discovered to initiate us. Crop circles, orbs, synchronicities and everyday miracles are our way-showers. And mythic, archetypal and cosmic beings are our guides.

In a regular monthly transforum, cosmologist, planetary healer and award-winning author Dr Jude Currivan will facilitate an incredible participative journey of discovery, insight and experience of our emergent consciousness.

In our March salon Communicating with orbs and other realms of Gaia we’ll delve into the emerging phenomenon of orbs and the realms of Faerie, Elemental and Devic beings to discover how to communicate with them and how vital this is to helping us heal our relationship with Gaia and all her children.

During this series will explore themes including:

♦ The cosmic hologram of consciousness
♦ The emergent planetary grid
♦ Sacred and fractal geometries and how they embody in-formation
♦ The archetypal healing of nations
♦ How we embody mythic reality
♦ How to heal our real-ationship with Gaia
♦ The elemental and devic realms of Gaia
♦ Awakening of the landscape dragons
♦ Soular astrology that reveals our inner healing potential and higher purpose
♦ Collective astrological influences and the Shift of global awareness

Before and during the programs please raise your questions and perspectives by emailing them in advance and/or joining in the live conversation with your mic and camera, or even just through the chat box.

Jude Currivan, PhD Dr Jude Currivan has experienced multi-dimensional realities from the age of four, has a Masters Degree in physics specialising in cosmology and quantum physics and a PhD in archaeology researching ancient cosmologies and the creation of sacred spacetime. She has lived in the sacred landscape of Avebury, England, the epicenter of the crop circle phenomenon, for seventeen years, has journeyed to nearly seventy countries around the world and has worked with the wisdom keepers, both living and discarnate of many traditions. Her award-winning books include The 8th Chakra, The 13th Step and HOPE – Healing Our People & Earth.

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2013 Schedule
7 Apr · 12 May · 9 Jun · 7 Jul · 11 Aug · 8 Sep · 6 Oct · 3 Nov · 1 Dec
Recordings of previous sessions with Dr Jude Currivan are available in The Store

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  For 7 April session - Suggested donation €15

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