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The Path of Toltec Wisdom · Life as Art
with Mario Mayorga

Huichol Painting
What does it mean to live our lives as art? How do we discover what our Soul wants to express in our lifetime?

For thousands of years the Toltec were known as women and men of wisdom who created a society to explore and preserve the spiritual knowledge and practices of the ancient ones. The Toltec considered life as art, the individual as the artist and everything one does as art.

In this online fireside chat with Toltec initiate Mario Mayorga some of the ideas we will talk about include:

The real sense and mission for being alive on this marvellous world
The importance of developing a relationship with Nature and how to do this in our modern lives
How to clean blockages, heal the past, forgive, open consciousness portals and create with actions a solid platform to establish a profound, conscious and lasting dialogue with the Great Spirit of Life
How the ancient practices of Pilgrimage and Vision Quest bring one closer to Self
How to know when you have found your true Path with a Heart

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About Mario Mayorga

Mario Gómez MayorgaFounder and director of Con Ciencia Indígena (with Indigenous Science), Mario has more than 25 years of relationship with the most preserved indigenous groups of Mexico sharing Toltec roots, specifically the Huichols, Mazatecs, Nahuas, and Mayas.

Mario teaches workshops, retreats, and at conferences related to human development, self healing, and shamanic techniques, transmitting practical ways to apply indigenous knowledge in modern everyday life. He conducts tours to Mexican natural power places and pre-hispanic cities to make deep connections though ceremonies, rituals and indigenous practices. He has 33 years of experience exploring altered states of consciousness and assisting and helping people into those realms and healings though sacred power plants.

Being a member of Conservacion Humana A.C., he has participated in the re-opening of an almost lost millenary pilgrimage route, a 680 kilometers walk to the most sacred lands of the Huichol nation.

Mario is author of the book Here and Now dealing with subjects such as lucidity, awareness, attention focus, and consciousness.

Mario was filmed by The History Channel for a segment in the series “Strange Rituals” in the episode “Last Rites” showing a Toltec live burial initiation ceremony, “The Burial of the Warrior”.

The focus of Mario's work is to transmit tools that may help people in their self-exploration adventures with no teacher other than direct experience and intentionally made actions. He believes that no one can teach you anything, that only you can learn or teach yourself while recovering your relationship with nature and Mother Earth, thanks to whom we exist and who can help us make deep connections with the Spirit of life.

Path with a Heart: Toltec Dreaming Pilgrimage and Vision Quest

Toltec Path with a Heart Pilgrimage

Mario Mayorga and Rocio Lopez will be guiding a very special annual Pilgrimage and Vision Quest 21 March - 21 April, 2014
Click here to find out more...

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