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18-23 September & 16-22 October 2017
The Art of Living Retreat with Pernille Elvirose
Deia, Mallorca, Spain

Robin Johnson and Pernille Elvirose in DeiaFor several years in her native Denmark and here on Mallorca, I've had the pleasure of collaborating with mindfulness mentor Pernille Elvirose, the founder of Core Living.

Pernille brings the roots of Nordic power to her retreats through the elements of light, air and water.

The exercises she has developed strengthen and soften both the body and the mind. Together with the breath as a focal point, this brings the ultimate goal of peacefulness and loving kindness, the awareness of no separation between self and others.

Pernille's unique retreats include silent mindful hiking through the Tramuntana Mountains, conscious breathing, deep stretching and Chi Gong exercises. This is supported by delicious fresh, light-infused food prepared by plant-based chef Veronique Mandoline, and my own healing gifts lovingly delivered through touch and sound that ease you into a state of blissful equilibrium.

Surrounded by the beauty of Deia, after a week immersed in The Art of Living Retreat you will return home with a heightened sense of your true authentic self.

Why not treat yourself to this life transforming experience? Come! Join us this autumn on this magical adventure!

Robin Johnson, cofounder of Great Mystery

Morning mountain hike overlooking Cala Deia


“Through conscious presence it is possible to create a natural connection with the body, using breathing to hold thoughts and feelings in the current moment.

"To have meaningful connection with the outside world we must first connect with our own life force. This state of being opens us to a quality of life that provides both mental and emotional peacefulness which enables us to make positive, conscious choices.

The use of physical exercises which bring our bodies into motion is based on my knowledge of how to become centered in the body, thus accessing a state of open-heartednees that gives way to nonjudging, nongrasping, calmness and clarity of heart and mind.

These exercises create a deep grounding and enable a vital flow that develops our ability to be present in the moment!

When you sharpen your awareness of the present, you can give your full attention to your current surroundings. By removing thoughts of both the past and the future, you increase the potential for a non-judgmental attentiveness to the present moment and its transition to the next moment, the next one and the one after that.”
Pernille Elvirose


Art of Living Retreat in Deia

The Art of Living Retreat offers you the opportunity to go back to nature in a truly authentic way. During the day, we will be 'offline' by turning our backs on the busy world and looking into ourselves through the perspective of natural beauty.

Each day you will be taught a variety of exercises while in the evenings Pernille will offer lectures on the balance between brain, heart and body. During the lectures, we will explore research-based knowledge of the brain, the heart, the breath and the importance of diet to achieve an energetically balanced life.

Chef Veronique Mandoline
Chef Veronique prepares deliciously vibrant food with love


Nestled in the Tramuntana Mountains with wonderful views of olive and lemon trees, the retreat takes place in Deia, Mallorca. A magical coastal village, Deia was once home to the writer Robert Graves and has inspired many other writers, painters and musicians.

We will bathe in the most beautiful bay filled with crystal clear water, a mere twenty-minute walk from our villa.


You can fly to Palma de Mallorca (PMI) airport from many European cities. Then take a taxi or the bus to Deia.


Chef Veronique

In the heart of Deia, this 300 year-old villa has been beautifully refurbished. Can Andressa is a haven of peace and tranquility with stunning views both up to the mountains and down to the sea.

Can Andressa has a salt-water pool within a private garden shaded by palm trees and lined with hammocks to laze in while you watch the mountains turn from grey to pink at sunset. Should the weather turn chilly, the house has full central heating and a log fire as well as excellent wifi.


• The retreat is limited to fifteen people and is open to both men and women.

• The price per person is 10,500 Danish Krone
    (Approximately 1,400 EUR | 1,650 USD | 1,250 GBP)

• The price includes accommodation in shared double rooms with full board.

• There is an additional cost for single room occupancy of 2500 DKK
    (Approximately 330 EUR | 390 USD | 300 GBP

• The price does NOT include flights, airport transfers or taxi fees.

Telephone or text: (+45) 20 49 05 55


Pernille Elvirose in DeiaA gestalt psychotherapist, Pernille Elvirose has taught at leading psychotherapeutic institutes around the world. She combines mindfulness with heartfulness. For more than fifteen years, she has brought presence to her practice in both the private and corporate sector. In Denmark and abroad, her work in the fields of leadership, stress management, performance training, nutrition and lifestyle brings focus to the connection between the brain, the nervous system, the body and the heart.

From the age of eight, Pernille was trained in both dance and academically at The Royal Danish Ballet School. In addition to her university education, she studied dance with Gabrielle Roth and mindfulness training with Lakha Lama and Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn.

Pernille deepened her understanding of the art of breathing through working with Dominique Lonchant and free diving with Stig Åvall Severinsen, the four-time world free diving champion and holder of multiple Guinness World Records.

Vist her website:

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