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THE LEGACY OF EGYPT 1.0: The art of 'raising the dead'
with Freddy Silva

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Freddy Silva Egypt

Zombie worshippers need not apply. This presentation is all about alchemy. Spiritual alchemy.

Ancient temple cultures such as the Egyptians recognized the body as a vessel in which the soul is trapped from its divinity. Although the person lives and breathes, their spirit is anaesthetized, their view of the world is narrowed to what can only be touched. Such people were considered to be 'dead'.

But esoteric societies found an antidote. They built temples using a specific spiritual technology to help initiates disentangle themselves from the physical, reconnecting them with the intangible and enabling them to immerse themselves in a pool of energy that liberates the soul. The Edfu Building Texts even describe the experience of the initiate who masters these Mysteries and becomes "as a bright star."

Through the alchemical process taught in the Mysteries Schools, it was possible for the ordinary human to identify less with material nature and more with spiritual forces, to live life fully aware and awake. It was at that point they came to be 'risen from the dead'.

In this richly illustrated presentation, researcher and bestselling author Freddy Silva takes you on a concise journey into the inner workings of temple culture, what it means to be awake, and how much of these concepts are still around us, particularly when one examines an individual who went by the name of Christ.

Wooden stakes and garlic not required.

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