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22-28 July 2012
Awakening Albion: Journey to Mystical England
with Jude Currivan, PhD

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Glastonbury Tor The consciousness of Albion, the mystical name for England, is stirring. Its ancient wisdom incorporated in Stonehenge and Avebury is ready to re-emerge to fulfill its prophesied role at this momentous time of transformation. This is the land where Joseph of Arimathea, and perhaps even the young Jesus himself, once walked, and where the essence of Arthur, the once and future king, brought truth and justice.

From the Neolithic stone circles to the round table of Camelot and the living crop circles that have also appeared here for many years, all symbolise the inclusion and harmony that resonates deep within the psyche of Albion.

At the opening of the thirtieth Olympic Games, whose symbol of five interconnected circles represents the continents of our world community, we culminate our own inner and outer journey through this magical and powerful land. We are called to the harmony and wholeness that is the echo of our ancient heritage and is now awakening to become our cosmic destiny.

St. Michael's Tor, Glastonbury | photo credit: Tony Currivan

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