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15-22 December 2012
Copan only 18-22 December 2012

The Great Return: Copan 2012 · Winter Solstice in Honduras
with Dr David Sedat · John Major Jenkins · Dr Michael Grofe · Dr Barbara MacLeod · Shannon Kring Buset · Leah Glatz

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Copan Stela, Honduras

Day 1. Saturday, Dec 15. Arrival Honduras and the Caribbean Coast
With international flights arriving in San Pedro Sula by 12 noon, we’ll hop a local airline for the short 35- minute flight to La Ceiba, Honduras, on the Caribbean Coast. A mere 10 minutes away and we will arrive at our accommodations. In the early evening, we’ll all gather at the bar for introductions and a welcome reception. Dinner is on your own.

Day 2. Sunday, Dec 16. Nature-Nurture
After breakfast, we’ll take a walk with a naturalist guide around the grounds and trails of Pico Bonito where more than half of the country's 800 species of birds are seen. We’ll then head to the serpentarium, iguana, and butterfly farms, and stop for pictures among the many tropical flowers. Lunch is on your own today, and in the evening, we’ll head into the town of La Ceiba for a group dinner. In addition to sampling local fare, we’ll try to find some typical Afro-Caribbean music.

Day 3. Monday, Dec 17. Playing in the Great Outdoors
After breakfast in the Pico Bonito dining room, you have your choice of four tour options today:
1) Hike to Unbelievable Falls
2) Whitewater Rafting
3) Wildlife Refuge
4) Snorkeling
Dinner will be at the Pico Bonito dining room tonight. You’ll get the chance to savor their delicious Mesoamerican menu, while surrounded by the exotic sounds of the jungle.

Day 4. Tuesday, Dec 18. Arrival in Copán Ruinas
We will depart La Ceiba by plane to San Pedro Sula, and then by private van through the majestic Honduran mountains, en route to our destination of Copán.

This evening, we’ll be welcomed into the striking home of archaeologist David W. Sedat, PhD, and his chef wife, Julia. Here, against the lush backdrop of the Copan Valley, we will partake in a sunset wine and hors d’oeuvres reception, at which a popular, multi-generational Honduran marimba band will play.

We’ll conclude the night with a traditional, multi-course Maya dinner, after which Dr. Sedat will introduce us to the ancient Maya and lead us through an intriguing slide presentation of his findings at Copán entitled The Art of Statecraft: How The Maya Regarded Bak'tun Change.

Day 5. Wednesday, Dec 19. Ritual, Transformation, and Renewal
Following breakfast, we’ll travel high up in the pine-covered mountains. Here, we’ll visit the beautiful Spa Ixchel, nestled in a lush coffee forest. At Spa Ixchel, which boasts 180+ varieties of orchids growing on site, we’ll get mud mask treatments and experience the ancient Maya tradition of Temazcal, a sweat and prayer experience led by a spiritual leader and ceremonialist that takes place in a womb-shaped dome. Many feel as if they’ve been born anew after this incredibly transformative and relaxing experience. A delectable lunch prepared with organic ingredients from the area will be served in the spa’s open-air dining room.

In the evening, join us on the spectacular Hacienda San Lucas grounds for Copán and Izapa: Echoes of the Galactic Alignment through the Maya Classic Period, a thought-provoking workshop by author and independent scholar John Major Jenkins. Afterward, enjoy dinner on your own.

Day 6. Thursday, Dec 20. The Great Return
After breakfast, we’ll attend Deep-Time: Astronomical Symbolism and the Ancient Maya Measurement of the Sidereal Year, a fascinating workshop by Dr. Michael J. Grofe, who explains to us the ways in which rulers directly associated themselves with deep-time events that held profound mythological and astronomical meaning.

Following lunch on your own, we’ll assemble for another enlightening workshop, The Great Return: What the Classic Maya Thought About 2012 and Deep Future Time, presented by Dr. Barbara MacLeod, an anthropologist and epigrapher.

After a multi-course dinner lovingly prepared by Hacienda San Lucas' Maya Chortí staff, we’ll gather in the village for a special screening of 2012: The Beginning, a compelling new documentary film that examines what the ancient Maya really said about December 21, 2012—as well as what the date means to the living Maya. The evening concludes with a Q&A with the filmmaker, Shannon Kring Buset, who will be joined by stars from the film.

Day 7. Friday, Dec 21. Walking with the Ancients
We’ll begin the day at the Maya ruins, with a sunrise solstice ceremony by Leah Glatz, originator of Yoga-Maya Fusion. The ceremony will include meditation, breath work, and gentle movement. Afterward, we’ll enjoy a traditional Honduran breakfast on site.

We will then join archaeologist David W. Sedat, PhD, for an unforgettable, archaeologist’s-eye-view tour of the ruins. It was Dr. Sedat who led the team that discovered two of the richest tombs ever found in the Americas—the resting places of Copán’s dynastic founder, K’inich Ahau Y’ax K’uk Mo’, and his queen, the so-called Lady in Red. Here, he will explain to us that Copán provides some of the best insight we have into how the Maya regarded the change of eras.

Following lunch on your own, we’ll join a spiritual leader and ceremonialist at sunset for a Maya Sacred Fire Ceremony. This is a truly remarkable experience during which we call on the ancient ones, archetypes, and elements; set our intentions; offer our prayers; and emerge anew.

After an extra- special dinner at Hacienda San Lucas, join Shannon Kring Buset under the stars for Where Do We Go From Here?, a discussion and Q&A session with all our presenters.

Day 8. Saturday, Dec 22. The End, The Beginning
As a new era dawns, we’ll transfer back to San Pedro Sula.

Optional Add-ons

The following services may be added to your registration at an additional cost. Advance confirmations are necessary.

Sound Healing Experience with Oscar Polio

Using a variety of percussion instruments, Maya musician and healer Oscar Polio explains the power of energy and sound in a participatory, supportive, and welcoming environment. Sessions are therapeutic, meditative, and intended to create an experience of overall well being. Each participant will receive a personal chakra balancing with the digireedoo. Two person minimum. Price dependent on number of participants.

Yoga-Maya Fusion with Leah Glatz

From a base of Kripalu Yoga, Yoga-Maya Fusion with Leah Glatz integrates concepts from Maya Yok'ha, Kundalini yoga, flow, and chakra awareness. Classes will be held at the stunning Gaia Meditation Pavilion on the Hacienda San Lucas grounds, overlooking the Mayan ruins across the valley. Group and individual rates available.

Hot Stone Massage with Leah Glatz

Hot Stone Therapy with Leah Glatz integrates Healing Energy Massage, Reflexology, and traditional massage with heated stones sourced from the Copán River. The heat from the stones allows your muscles to deeply relax and release their tension back into the Earth, leaving you in a state of total relaxation. $80/hr.

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