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Sacred Tours

Past Conference & Tour | 26th July - 4th August 2013
Crop Circles & Sacred Sites of England Tour
with Glenn Broughton, Cameron Broughton, Michael Glickman

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Glenn Broughton has been researching and visiting ancient sacred sites for twenty years and is drawn to explore their energetic properties and how such places of power affect us today. Knowing intuitively that they have something to teach us Glenn has been a tour guide for most of this time leading groups exploring the mystery of sacred sites through Journeys With Soul.

Glenn came to sacred sites via a circuitous life path which included school-teaching, founding and running an inner city community arts centre, pioneering wholesale organic produce distribution in the UK, and leading spiritual development and earth mysteries groups and workshops. Running alongside all of these activities was a constant spiritual exploration which opened many doors and led to many questions. Practising Vipassana meditation, travelling, and training with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers and the International College of Crystal Healing, were all experiences which have informed his current perspective.

Glenn lecturers internationally on sacred sites, earth mysteries and crop circles, and is the co-founder / co-organizer of Earth Spirit Conferences in the USA. He has appeared on television and radio and regularly presents at conferences on both sides of the Atlantic.

Cameron Broughton was introduced to crop circles and the ancient sacred sites of England in 1996 when she met her husband Glenn. She has spent every summer since then visiting the circles and sacred sites, meeting other enthusiasts and researchers. Beginning in 2000 Cameron joined Glenn in leading tours of sacred sites and crop circles and together they created and organized the Vermont Crop Circle Conference, now called Earth Spirit Conferences.

As a massage therapist and healer she has been particularly interested in the energetic qualities of the phenomena and the holistic effects they have on humanity. Utilizing her skills as a qualified healer of twenty four years, Cameron leads meditations at the ancient sites to re-connect with our spiritual purpose and with the Earth. Connecting with the spirit of Place and the ancestors through ceremony, she brings a heart centered approach and passion to the experience.

Michael Glickman visited his first crop circle in 1990 after which he remarked that “he never got out”. A former architect, inventor and teacher, Michael brings a wealth of practical experience to the crop circle subject from the world of designing, making and of manipulating solid matter in the material world. In his more than twenty years of involvement with the crop circles, he has also made a veritable art-form of the deconstruction of crop circle designs to better understand their symbolism and, most importantly, their geometric properties. Nobody has undertaken more in this field than Michael. As a result, his work on the geometry of the circles is respected throughout the crop circle research community worldwide.

Michael is a much-loved and influential figure in the crop circle world. Often outspoken, sometimes controversial, but always with a sharp wit, he is a renowned and inspirational speaker and writer; he has long occupied a central space at the heart of research into this phenomenon. Michael has written many articles on the crop circles including key contributions to the once great Cereologist magazine. His book, Crop Circles (1996) is published by Wooden Books and is now in its third revised edition. He is also author of Cornography: Despatches from the Crop Circles (2007) and most recently Crop Circles: The Bones of God (2009).

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