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14-25 May, 2012
Extension to Bahariyah Oasis & Alexandria, 25-31 May

Creating a New Vision in an Ancient Land – Egypt
with Little Grandmother, Keisha Crowther

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Goddess"I AM EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE WE ARE GOING BACK TO EGYPT. Our last trip was filled with such exciting and life changing experiences having done ceremony and healing in some of the most profound temples, pyramids and sacred places on our planet, that our hearts and souls are calling us back. In short "our work is not done.

Our last trip to Egypt took us into the Great pyramids where we had been given exclusive rights and uninterrupted time to perform ceremony within, where amazing energies were opened and renewed through what the archeologists call 'air shafts', soon after our group left after having performed these ceremonies and opening these sacred energies the Egyptian archeologists claim to have found a new entrance, door way if you will, inside one of these very 'air shafts' we worked on.

There is so much to learn and know about these sacred and ancient places such as who built them? Who were the pharaohs really and what was their purpose? Where did this knowledge really come from and why? Explore these questions and get real answers as we go from one pyramid to the next, move from temple to temple doing ceremony and healing in these powerful places. We have been granted special rights and privileges to enter into some of the most profound places within the temples and pyramids to do our sacred work, work that is still left unfinished.

Please come with me to unearth some of these lingering questions, find real answers and open the long awaited sleeping energies that must be reopened for the world, our sacred planet to complete her rebirth and our own. I know those who will be guided to go on this trip will be lead by their own Great I Am's to be part of these ceremonies with me, to help change the world and bring true knowing back into our hearts and minds of who we once were and who we can be once again. Journey with me into this ancient land to bring forth a new knowing and way of being to our planet. We will travel in complete safety with Mohammed and his team of professionals, I know Mohammed to not only be a great guide but also a great man who lives from the heart and love.

This is a great opportunity for each of us to be part of something magical and life transforming as we are being called to once again walk inside these sacred places and reopen ancient and powerful energies that will help heal the planet and each other into higher vibrations of love and light. The world is changing all around us, the time is now, we are the ones we have been waiting for, let us walk this journey together and bring forth a new dawn of love into our consciousness here on Mother Earth. Let us Be the change we are looking for. We are the strongest of the strong, we are the ones who are called upon to make this world a better place and to unearth the secrets that must be brought forward now. Come, take this beautiful journey with me and we will change the world together."

With Love,
Little Grandmother

Accompanying Little Grandmother on this Sacred Pilgrimage to the Magical Lands of Egypt will be the expert guide Mohammed Fayed of Guardian Travel and his team of excellent Egyptologists who have worked for many years with expeditions for the Edgar Cayce Association of Research and Enlightenment. They have also been the personal guides for Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Diana, The Grateful Dead, Shirley MacLaine, Ken Kesey, Leo Buscaglia, amongst many other dignitaries and celebrities.

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