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July 1-12, 2012
The Awakening – Peru 2012 with Dr. Alberto Villoldo
Healing, Ceremony, and Transformation in the Sacred Valley

Presented by the Four Winds Society and Great Mystery

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Peru 2012 with Alberto Villoldo Every year the Four Winds offers journeys to Peru, but 2012 is different. Our shamans and I have agreed to perform the rites and ceremonies that they reserve for themselves only. You will have the chance to experience wisdom teachings and subtle energies that are ready to be unleashed and shared for 2012 and the legendary 'Pachakuti,' the completion of the cycle of time we are living in, and the start of a new era.

Our base for the Via Illuminata will be a comfortable hotel in the Sacred Valley an hour from Cusco, the former capital of the Inka Empire. Every day you will depart with a small group accompanied by your guides and shamans to work intimately in one of the archeological sites, and in the evening participate in healing ceremonies led by our shamans. During our journey you will celebrate and understand the Pachakuti, or 'turning over of the world.' For the shamans this is not an intellectual understanding that you can acquire from reading a book or listening to a lecture. It is a cellular experience, a direct cognition that occurs during the process of the initiations you will receive. 2012 is the year we have been waiting for!
—Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D


• Join in an incredible 12-day journey of illumination under the guidance of Alberto Villoldo.
• Stay in four-star lodges that cater to your work and make the journey enjoyable.
• Align with who you are becoming through sacred ceremonies at ancient archeological sites of the Inka including Pumamarca, Moray and more.
• Make a direct connection with the lineage of Laika medicine people as you sit in ceremony and experience the nine great rites of passage.
• Celebrate the Prophecies of 2012, the origins of the wisdom traditions of the Americas and Inkan history.
• Add yoga, meditation or individual healing sessions with the Laika to enrich your personal growth and experience.

The Vía is a journey of illumination. You will visit ancient archeological sites of the Inka, and experience the nine great rites of passage of the medicine way that were first revealed to Dr. Villoldo. In daily evening talks Alberto presents the history of the Inka, the origins of the wisdom traditions of the Americas, the Prophecies of 2012, and the sacred geometry and astronomy that informed the ancient builders of Machu Picchu.

We have invited the Laika, the finest medicine men and women of the Andes to accompany us in this 12 day journey of initiation, who are available in the evening for personal healing sessions.

You may also take part in the ‘Growing a New Body’ program (pre-registration required) using brain foods and a special nutritional regime to heal the brain from trauma and clear the imprints of disease from the luminous energy field. This program sets us in a course toward life-long health and longevity.

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