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Peru - Welcome to the World of Megalithic Revelation with Freddy Silva

Join best-selling author & ancient mysteries researcher Freddy Silva on a quest to the lesser-known aspects of megalithic Peru, from Sacsayhuaman and Machu Picchu to the Uros Islands.

This is not your typical Andean trip. Unlike others, it reveals an aspect of pre-Inca culture few people get to see and hear. Such as the ritual towers of Cutimbo and Sillustani; the underground resurrection chamber of Q'uenqo; the Egyptian roots of Sacsayhuaman; the Otherworld portal of Amaru Muru; and the ceremonial Moon temple Huanu Pichu. Highlights include meditations, mountain walks, dowsing, time for personal introspection, and lively discussions on the true origin of these awe-inspiring power places, all in a carefully-balanced itinerary.

Tour Description

There are places on Earth that literally take your breath away. The megalithic culture of Peru is such a place. Sacred sites such as Sillustani, Sacsayhuaman and Macchu Pichu defy description because they defy human scale. Imagine cutting blocks of stone too large for modern cranes to lift, hauling them up near-vertical mountainsides and 40 miles across high altitude terrain, then fitting them with lathe-like precision so that thousands of years later the fruits of this labour are still fairly intact.

You get the idea.

Freddy Silva at CutimboIt is known that the Inca did not build these sites but merely followed an ancient tradition already developed around Lake Titicaca c.15,000 BC, a time when vast sheets of ice were collapsing across the Earth, bringing unparalleled climate change and catastrophe. It was under such conditions that an advanced culture thrived in South America, the stuff of legends. The Inca maintained their memory so that one day we could travel to these temples and marvel at a civilization whose work modern science still has trouble explaining.

This was the path pursued by countless people seeking the knowledge of the gods, and through this practice initiates came to achieve the ultimate aim: the total realization of the soul, the outcome of which was nothing less than immortality.

Freddy Silva at Cutimbo, PeruTo visit such remote places is to connect with a culture the Andean people considered beyond time. Myths speak of travelling gods moving stones through the air to the command of sound, and erecting "mansions of the gods" literally overnight. What spiritual technology were they privy to? What motivated them to create such a megalithic landscape?

You can find out by joining us on a quest into the unbelievable.

Freddy Silva at Amaru Muru, PeruWe will go beyond the typical site visits and focus on details that few people get to see and hear: Huanu Pichu, a ceremonial Moon temple above Macchu Pichu; the underground chamber of Q'uenqo, once used for the ritual of living resurrection; the beehive towers of Cutimbo and Sillustani; and Amaru Muru, a portal into the Otherworld.

We shall listen to legends, tap into subtle energies, practice some dowsing, and perform one or two guided meditations inside some chambers. And for ten days we shall feel like gods.

Welcome to the world of megalithic revelation.

Trip Highlights

• Travel with best-selling author & one of the world’s leading researchers of sacred sites, Freddy Silva.
• Participate in entertaining & thoughtful group discussions.
• Discussions about Inca culture and the importance of the sites visited.
• Private boat ride to Uros Islands on Lake Titicaca.
• Train to and from Aguas Calientes/Machu Picchu.

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