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October 25 - November 3, 2016
Welcome to the World of Megalithic Revelation
Discover the Hidden Face of the Power Places of Peru

Your Guide : Freddy Silva

Freddy Silva FREDDY SILVA is one of the world’s leading researchers of sacred sites, ancient systems of knowledge and the interaction between temples and consciousness.

Freddy lectures internationally on a variety of topics on earth mysteries, with keynote presentations at the International Science and Consciousness Conference, and the International Society For The Study Of Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine, in addition to appearances on The History Channel, Discovery Channel, BBC, numerous video documentaries, and international radio shows. He has led several magical Great Mystery Sacred Tours to Egypt, Malta, Glastonbury and the surrounding ancient sites of South England.

One of the world’s leading expert on crop circles Freddy is the best-selling author of the definitive book, Secrets in the Fields: The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles. Each of Freddy's books form part of the teachings of ancient systems of knowledge known as the Mysteries and include The Lost Art of Resurrection: Initiation, secret chambers, and the quest for the Otherworld; The Divine Blueprint: Temples, power places and the global plan to shape the human soul; First Templar Nation: How the Knights Templar created Europe's first nation-state; Chartres Cathedral: The missing or heretic guide.

"Freddy painstakingly crafts his itineraries, ensuring you have a good chance of avoiding hoardes of tourists, with time to experience the subtlety and spirit of place."
—Participant, Freddy Silva Tour

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