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October 25 - November 3, 2016
Welcome to the World of Megalithic Revelation
Discover the Hidden Face of the Power Places of Peru

with Freddy Silva

Day-By-Day Itinerary

DAY 1. TUES, OCT 25: Arrive Cusco; Acclimate; Welcome dinner (D)

CuscoOur first day is spent doing... nothing strenuous. Cusco lies at 11,000ft and your body needs time to adapt. Drink tea, chew coca leaf and watch the local world come and go.

This evening we will enjoy a Welcome Dinner together with our fellow travellers and tour leader Freddy Silva. It's an opportunity to enjoy delicious local cuisine and get to know every pilgrim (or as Freddy calls them, Willing Infodels). We can also share our aspirations as we prepare to engage with the megalithic world. Overnight in Cusco at the San Agustin Internacional

DAY 2. WED, OCT 26: Cusco; Killarumliyoq (B, L)

Santo DomingoFirst matter of the day is a cleansing ceremony with a Peruvian shaman to purify the spirit body before entering the temples. We then walk around the Inca Palace to marvel at astonishing megalithic masonry, such as the 12-angle stone. On to Coricancha, the original navel of the earth, now inside Santo Domingo cathedral where remain vestiges of an ancient megalithic temple dedicated to the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Pleiades.

After lunch we take a short bus ride to Killarumliyoq, a large terraced site where Moon ceremonies were held, to see a curious boulder carved with a semi-circular glyph, and a cave with petroglyphs. Overnight in Cusco at San Agustin Internacional

DAY 3. THU, OCT 27: Quenco; Amaru Machay; Sacsayhuaman (B, L)

QuencoToday we start with a visit to Q'uenqo (Q’inqu), a mysterious limestone butte carved with ledges, stairways, and a chamber used for performing living resurrection rituals to access the Otherworld. Then, we enjoy an invigorating walk to Amaru Machay, the Temple of the Serpents, and its two underground chambers illustrating the solar and lunar ideals.

After lunch at La Casona del Inca, it’s a full afternoon at Sacsayhuamán, a sprawling stone-walled complex overlooking Cusco. Along with ample time to walk around freely, we’ll look at lesser-known aspects such as its Egyptian connection, secret tunnels, an astronomical plain, and an ancient seven niche semi-circular court. Overnight in Cusco at San Agustin Internacional

DAY 4. FRI, OCT 28: Tombomachay; Pisac (B, L)

PisacToday we travel by coach to Tombomachay, an important temple because it protects the sacred springs feeding the local sacred sites. A favourite resting place of the Incas, commonly referred to as the “Baños del Inca” or “Baños de la Ñusta“ (Baths of the Incas or Baths of the Princess). Once used for ritual bathing, the site is ideal for connecting with water and its ability to memorize intent. We then continue on to the picturesque town of Pisac, with its colonial architecture and awe-inspiring scenic beauty, for lunch.

After lunch we ride to Pisac Temple, high up on a mountain face, for the sole purpose of trekking down the original steep trail back to town, to experience what it was like on the ancient trails. A perfect place to appreciate the scale and solitude of the Andes. So start exercising. Overnight in Pisac at the Royal Inka Pisac

DAY 5. SAT, OCT 29: Ollantaytambo (B)

OllantaytamboFrom Pisac we travel along the sacred valley to Ollantaytambo and enjoy lunch in this dramatic valley. In the afternoon we climb Ollantaytambo, a massive hillside complex filled with Inca terraces, to reach the pre-Inca Temple of the Sun and its gargantuan stones. The view alone is stunning. We'll gaze across the valley at the colossal face of Wiracochan, a mythological Builder God, and the “place where the god descends”. Also a chance to see many examples of machined stonework whose explanation defies science.

We then take a scenic train ride through the Sacred Valley to the village of Aguas Calientes at the foot of Machu Picchu. Overnight in Aguas Calientes at Taypikala Boutique Machu Picchu

DAY 6. SUN, OCT 30: Huayna Picchu; Machu Picchu (B, L)

Machu PicchuSunrise trek through Machu Picchu as we begin our steep ascent to the sacred peak, Huayna Picchu and its Temple of the Moon. This highest of ritual centres sits on the cliff face, 1200ft below the summit.

Eat a packed lunch at the summit (if time and weather conditions allow) and gaze down upon the entire circular blueprint of the three sacred mountains.

We then descend into Machu Picchu as the tourists begin leaving and have it a bit more to ourselves. With its megalithic astronomical observation points, the geology of the location also funnels Earth energies, hence why it has drawn people on vision quests for millennia.

In addition to visiting a lesser-known ritual compound, it is a perfect spot to sit, meditate, and become one with the spirit of place. Overnight in Aguas Calientes at Taypikala Boutique Machu Picchu

DAY 7. MON, OCT 31: Return to Cusco (B)

ChincheroA day to chill. We earned it. And your calves will appreciate it. We return to Cusco via the small town of Chinchero and its silver stores and archaeological oddities. Located high up in the windswept plains, the town offers spectacular views over the Sacred Valley and the Andean peaks. It is also renowned for its beautiful traditional weavings. The perfect place to pick up gifts.

We arrive late afternoon in Cusco for free time to relax and rejuvenate for the coming days. Stay at the hotel or take a gentle stroll through this colourful town, taking in the craft markets and unique culture. Overnight in Cusco at San Agustin Internacional

DAY 8. TUES, NOV 1: Sillustani (B, L)

SillustaniToday we fly to Juliaca and then take a late lunch in the village of Sillustani, overlooking a lake and several mesas. The rest of the afternoon is for hiking to the ritual area and its iconic circular towers, once used for secret resurrection rituals, the highest achievement for initiates in the old Mysteries schools. We’ll also see a few other megalithic curiosities on this beautiful and serene location.

On to our hotel in the village of Chucuito to further adjust to the high altitude and take adequate rest. The Taypikala hotel boasts an attractive colonial style and has spectacular views of majestic Lake Titicaca – the perfect place to relax after our afternoon walk at 15,000 ft. Overnight in Chucuito at Taypikala Hotel

DAY 9. WED, NOV 2: Amaru Muru; Uros Islands; Cutimbo (B, L, D)

Uros IslandsAn action packed final day, beginning with Amaru Muru, a portal to the Otherworld carved out of an entire hillside. After lunch we take a boat to the Uros islands for a gentle afternoon in this unusual floating reed community. It's an opportunity to learn about ancient practices and traditions, and to admire a simple yet vanishing way of life. According to legend, the Uros people existed before the sun when the earth was cold and dark and, although they claim to have black blood which makes them impervious to the cold, they are a warm people.

We close off the day at Cutimbo for, hopefully, a sunset guided meditation inside a chullpa, to experience what it would was like to be “raised from the dead”. We then return to Chucuito for a special Farewell Dinner together, making the most of our final day in this sacred land. Overnight in Chucuito at Taypikala Hotel

DAY 10. THU, NOV 3: Depart Juliaca for flights home (B)

JuliacaAs you ready yourself to transfer to Juliaca for your flight home, take a moment to ponder over time well spent away in the world of the ancients. Having “drunk the knowledge” at each sacred site, your energy will have been raised, so that in all your interactions with everyday life you will come see the world around you in ways you'd never contemplated before.

(B = Breakfast; L = Lunch; D = Dinner)

Note: This itinerary is subject to change due to conditions beyond our control.

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