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August 7-19, 2017 | PERU
Via Illuminata : The Return Of The Magicians
with Dr Alberto Villoldo and Marcela Lobos

Machu Picchu with Alberto VilloldoFor countless millennia, the shamans have been keepers of ancient rites. They believe that if it were not for their stewardship of the Earth through prayer and ceremony, certain gateways to our collective destiny would be lost forever.

Join Dr. Alberto Villoldo and Marcela Lobos on a journey of ceremony to explore the wisdom we will need in order to thrive during the years to come in these times of great change.

The Return of the Magicians is an annual gathering to read the Prophecy of the Time to Come. This year the shamans will be taking the pulse of our planet and the changes that are causing such upheaval in the world.

Every day you will visit temples and archeological sites with Marcela and Alberto, and take part in ceremonies led by renowned medicine men and women. In the evening you will learn and master each of the Four Insights of the Medicine Way.

During this journey you will have daily contact and instruction from Alberto and Marcela, as well as the shamans who have worked with us for decades. Due to our lengthy relationship with these medicine people, they will share with us insights and lessons they do not disclose to other Westerners.

You will also receive rites of initiation that will help you become an Earthkeeper and truly make a difference in your life, and in the destiny of the Earth.

Every day you will join in ceremony with master shamans at ancient places of power. In the mornings you will practice yoga in our beautiful lodge in the Sacred Valley, near the ancient Inka capital of Cusco.

Come to the source!

We invite you to journey with Dr. Alberto Villoldo, one of the first American anthropologists to work with the Andean shamans more than 30 years ago. Walk the ancient paths of the shaman and become part of the revolution in consciousness.

In his recent webinar, The Return of the Magicians, Alberto Villoldo discusses the importance of coming together in community and how you can become part of the revolution of consciousness (click below to watch).

Land costs $4,800 Double occupancy, $5,550 Single occupancy

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