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Sacred Tours

December 27, 2013 to January 5, 2014
New Year's Eve in Peru
with John Major Jenkins
and Deborah Skye King, Brien Foerster, Chris Cauac

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Day 1. Friday, December 27. Arrive into Cusco prior to 11:00am head out to the Sacred Valley to hotel for Coco Tea. Welcome Dinner 6:00pm.

Day 2. Saturday, December 28. Sacred Valley - Incan Pisac, Chinchero & Moray. Discover Ancient Fertility Temples and Inter Dimensional Sound Chambers with Brien Foerster in the Sacred Valley. You will experience and participate in an Inner Harmony Sound Activation with Chris Cauac at Moray.

Day 3. Sunday, December 29. Sacred Valley Temple of the Condor + Ollantaytambo - Talk on Elongated Skulls and their Ancient Origins with Brien Foerster.

Evening Seminar with John Major Jenkins on “The Ancient Galactic Cosmology and the Sacred Cycle of Renewal in the Andes” in Pisac. This picks up on the Andean research in my 2002 book Galactic Alignment. The Milky Way, dark cloud constellations, and seasonal and galactic cycles are reflected in renewal rites in Cuzco and the Sacred Valley, and is also seen in the function of the ancient Akapana Temple at Tiwanaku. These are expressions of the Galactic Cosmology I reconstructed among the Maya.

Day 4. Monday, December 30. Machu Picchu – Sacred Water Ceremony upon arrival into Machu Picchu. Evening Ceremony Connecting To Your Ancestors & Spiritual Guides for Activation, Intuition & Internal Healing with Deborah Skye & Chris Cauac.

Day 5. Tuesday, December 31. Bus to Machu Picchu - Explore Ancient City, Sound Healing Ceremony with Chris Cauc & Spiritual Bio-Dynamic Shamanic Healing Initiation with Deborah Skye.

Evening lecture with John Major Jenkins “Mystical Poetry from Sacred Sites and Awakening the Creative Muse.” John Major Jenkins's second talk, on New Year’s Eve at Machu Picchu, shares the mystical poetry that his time at sacred sites has inspired him to write. What is the creative muse? After reading selections from his Tryptagonal poems, he’ll discuss how poetry can open consciousness to a larger integrative vision of the world that provides insights into the mysterious qualities of the sacred temple sites.

Day 6. Wednesday, January 1. Bus to Machu Picchu – Huayna Picchu and Sacred Temple of The Moon, Ceremony For Heart ActivatingAnchoring Your Lightbody Into 5 Dimensions of Awareness For Prosperity & Abundance lead by Deborah Skye & Chris Cauac. Music and Ancient Ceremony with Spiritual Incan Guide.

Day 7. Thursday, January 2. Walk to Machu Picchu – Special Ceremonial Day – Breathwork Ritual & Ceremony at Earth Heart Gateway facilitated by Chris Cauac and Deborah Skye. Music will be lead by local indigenous healers. Evening Ritual & Talk on “Soul Immersions: Connecting With The Global Indigenous Heart of Humanity, Raising Your Vibration” with Deborah Skye & Chris Cauac.

Day 8. Friday, January 3. Machu Picchu - Sacred Valley Market in Pisac, Afternoon Gathering: Spiritual Ancestral Healing Journey facilitated by Chris Cauac.

Evening seminar on “The Power of the Goddess Culture Throughout The Ages, Activating Your Internal Global Intelligence System” with John Major Jenkins & Deborah Skye. One of John's discoveries in Maya cosmology is that the Galactic Center was conceived as the womb of a Great Mother deity. We are aligning with it now through the December solstice sun. A very deep tradition of self-renewal and healing is expressed in Mayan and Peruvian traditions, going back millennia, and the Milky Way’s nourishing womb is the centerpiece of this lost cosmology. Some surprises here! John will also bring a booklet called Restrospective on 2012 for each participant.

Day 9. Saturday, January 4. Cusco - Saskaywaman Sacred Temple – Creating & Releasing a Global Healing for Humanity with Deborah Skye, Chris Cauac and John Major Jenkins. Evening Farewell Dinner with group & presentation of Earth’s Shamanic Heartbeat.

Day 10. Sunday, January 5. Cusco – Early Morning Heart Immersion Meditation at Sacred Gardens. Departure for Cusco Airport before 12:00noon.

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