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INDIA | February 16 - March 1, 2018
Shiva Dancing: Sacred South India
In Search of Original Wisdom

with Andrew Harvey

Shiva Dancing: Sacred South India with Andrew HarveyJoin author and teacher Andrew Harvey on a pilgrimage in honour of Lord Shiva to the great temple sites and spiritual power places of South India.

This is an exquisitely crafted pilgrimage where Andrew will introduce deep spiritual practice, and South India’s incredible sites and temples will create the perfect space to receive the most stunning visual and sensory experiences. Andrew will share the fruit of his 40-year journey into Hindu mysticism, especially Saivism and its astounding vision of God the dancer, as well as diving deep into the evolutionary vison of Sri Aurobindo, and into the expansive universal vision of Christ consciousness that Father Bede Griffiths, the greatest Christian mystic of the 20th century, gave to the world.
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