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March 21 - April 05, 2014
Path with a Heart: Toltec Dreaming
Pilgrimage and Vision Quest

with Mario Mayorga and Rocio Lopez

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Path with a Heart Pilgrimage and Vision Quest For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path that may have heart, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length--and there I travel looking, looking breathlessly.
—Carlos Castaneda, The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge

Part 1 · Empowerment · march 21 to april 05

PATH WITH A HEART is a pilgrimage along several natural and prehispanic power places, making a series of indigenous origin practices; sensing exercises, cleansing rituals, and specialized attention and energy handling techniques, as well as important connections with nature and its Poderios (conscious powers).

This pilgrimage awakens inside each participant enough lucidity to enter into a special inner journey though their own mind, feelings, and history to clean blockages, healing the past, forgiving, opening consciousness portals and creating with actions a solid platform to establish a profound, conscious and lasting dialogue with the great spirit of life.

The journey is a route where we pass by several doors or portals that are found in nature; portals that are on the world, but as well and more importantly, they are inside of ourselves.

The pilgrimage is a double journey, on one side it happens on the world but at the same time, and in parallel, it´s an inner pilgrimage that takes the individual beyond the limits that contain the person and their daily routines; it is a trip of transcendence that aims toward self-consciousness and lucidity.

In every place and its particular energy we will work with different techniques, indigenous exercises and procedures, connecting with nature though her many faces; rivers, cascades, jungle, mountains, the forest, the volcano, caves, underground rivers, and power plants.

As the ending point we will arrive to the desert, where thanks to the previous preparation each participant will work in the Vision Quest as the culminant event of this pilgrimage to Mystery.

The objective of this pilgrimage is to be prepared to be able to make a Vision Quest and out of this vision discover the next steps to follow in life; the direction that has been searched for so long, the real sense and mission for being alive on this marvellous world.

Part 2 · Vision Quest · april 06 to april 21

The Vision Quest is an experience that has been present in many indigenous cultures in the world along humankind’s history and has characterized itself for the closeness to the Spirit and for the conservation of these traditions expressing that closeness.

The Vision Quest is an old practice among people of shamanic traditions in the entire world along history. It is carried out in many different ways and it varies according to the cultural background of the seeker.

In every case the basic element is the insulation in the wilderness from one to several days, frequently including fasting, chants, power plants, dances, and prayers, made with the intention to call upon the Great Spirit so that he brings to us the Vision that will guide our life from that moment on.

Our work is rooted in the surviving Toltec tradition, which can perfectly be applied to people of the modern world being successful in their human development.

The Vision Quest is a transition rite that marks the end of an epoch in life and the beginning of a new one; it’s a Death and Rebirth rite.

Like its name points to, it’s about seeking for an important Vision in your life’s path, the vision about which one is the real path you must follow in your existence, in what direction should you walk towards the mystery of the Spirit during the rest of your life.

Who is it that you really have to be inside this wonderful life; which one is your real Path with a Heart?

The Vision Quest is a solitary retreat. After a special preparation, the vision seeker retires away from his world to enter alone into a place in wilderness (desert or mountain) while fasting for a few days, penetrating into attention states that allow a deep encounter with our own Spirit (silent knowledge) and with the Great Spirit that surrounds us, stalks us and invites us every moment.

The Real Vision comes from this encounter; the one that will be able to enlighten your path and transform your life.

With this profound practice, an initiation to an awakening and to a higher state of consciousness is reached; it’s a call that life is making to you and a change omen.

It’s up to you to figure out when and how are you going to respond to this call.

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