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March 21 - April 05, 2014
Path with a Heart: Toltec Dreaming
Pilgrimage and Vision Quest


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Path with a Heart

Over the course of one month we make a pilgrimage through five states of México, more than 4,500 kilometers working in pre-Hispanic and natural power places. This will be divided into two parts of approximately two weeks each. You are welcome to participate in only one part or in both.

One of the goals of this journey is to re-connect and establish an actions dialogue with nature, with her harmony and power, in order to rescue the magical and free origin which belongs to each one of us by birth right.

To do so, thanks to indigenous knowledge, we have a solid inner work platform to apply along a one month pilgrimage. With this work each participant makes the necessary preparations to realize The Vision Quest which is the journey´s goal.

Toltequity, besides offering knowledge and practical tools which can be used in everyday life, is a serious, neutral and sober spiritual proposal with no doctrine or dogma that only points towards freedom and lucidity.

These combined aspects lead to the betterment of everyday life by living in an open and profound dialogue with life´s essence, though concrete actions carried out intentionally.

We will work with the four basic elements, called Poderios in the indigenous world; these are conscious creators of this world: Fire, Water, Air, Earth.

In the same fashion indigenous work is also done with Father Sun and Mother Earth.

In each place that we visit we will also do work with the minor Poderios or guardians of each place, such as: mountain, volcano, forest, jungle, river, and cave.

In every place where we work there´s a dominant element over the others: we will establish connections with the jungle, we will work with rivers and waterfalls, with mountains and forests, we´ll enter in caves, climb a volcano and some mountains, and finally we shall arrive to the desert. Each place has a particular energy, intelligence and knowledge which is also related to parts of oneself and own consciousness, every aspect equally important. By working with these natural forces we will be able to focus on specific work for each place, and by doing so we will be building a profound knowledge body acquired by direct experience.

This pilgrimage leads each participant to face different caliber challenges, along with its respective battles with different proportions, giving in exchange strength and knowledge about the oneself and its life by figuring out the discovered limitations and the work done to transcend them.

Pilgrimage Objectives

♦ Reconnect with one's own self and with nature, with the poderíos that hold life in place.
♦ Reconsider the already walked path and clean what has gotten stuck and only results as weight and pain in life to be able to begin a clean path from a health perspective.
♦ To disassemble vicious routines and physical, emotional, and mental addictions, the cleansing of everyday life.
♦ To interact and share with people in a healthy and unstructured way, working as a team in a mutual support basis, to know yourself in the mirror of the others and this way to be able to retake and cleanse the relationships with important people in life.
♦ Design and integrate new possibilities on everyday life; create a Path with a Heart and walk it.
♦ To pilgrimage with the warrior attitude; to rehearse the path of the warrior to be able to apply it as a success tool.
♦ To recapitulate the most important events in life, those that don't allow to change, to bring heath to your mental, emotional and energetic past.
♦ A complete preparation to be in a situation to live a retreat by yourself and intend a vision quest.
♦ To begin a new way of life after the Vision Quest, designing an action plan to follow, making freedom commitments with yourself and with the great spirit of life.


Each one of the activities made along the pilgrimage is formed with the elements described here:

Explore asleep parts of one's own consciousness:
Rescuing forgotten parts or still hidden from our unlimited human potential interacting with nature.

Special handling of attention:
Techniques and specialized actions to learn how to save, re-direct, and guide one's own energy.

Warrior attitude:
Fundamental for success and to manifest our hearts wishes into realities. To learn how to make special efforts to transcend beyond personal limits and discover potential and strength still asleep inside.

Reconnect with the consciousness and nature´s power:
To connect with the elements forming it, with Earth´s love.

Connect with power places:
To work with their particular force to impulse the quest for personal betterment. To establish lasting connections that will remain alive from that moment on and continue even after the pilgrimage.

To awaken group coexistence:
Selfish behavior is avoided by helping others, while receiving help as well; fundamental in the battle against the ego.

Recovering inner balance:
Basic tool for personality and its reactions control.

Profound cleansing of past events which marked life, things that have formed molds avoiding positive changes, to get rid of unnecessary weight.

Ego´s deconstructing:
Work on deep understanding of the ego, its mechanisms and routines, to be able to loosen its structure and eradicate inner pain.

Strategy creation:
Design on action plans and intentional acts to create through actions the reality that is desired to be lived.

Work with nature:
Connection of the Sprit with one's own consciousness, the guide to be able to achieve objectives, Real change commitments in life.

Spiritual connection:
The work is permanently based in a spiritual connection with Life; with Grandfather Fire, Mother Earth, Mother Water, mountains, forests, brother trees, the animals and group companions; with the essence of Life in general.

To enjoy the moment:
Last but not least important, to enjoy and find oneself in deep and joyful ways with oneself, with the beauty and power of unique and magical places, with nature, with other people and opportunities to exist and this way to learn how to take that back home to your everyday life.

All this happens while we travel though a full of magic Mexico and hidden to the eyes of the common visitor.

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