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March 21 - April 05, 2014
Path with a Heart: Toltec Dreaming
Pilgrimage and Vision Quest

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Maya Toltec Zone (Palenque)

In Chiapas we work with powerful waterfalls, majestic trees, caves, turquoise blue rivers, and Maya archeological sites, always under the protection of the exuberant and beautiful jungle. Here we will make important connections with the water.

Attention walks in the jungle will be a constant, as well as night activities. We will relate with the energy and strength of such a peculiar rain forest, its impressive beauty and permanent abundance.

Special work with huge trees will be done, important connections with the strength and fluidity of the powerful Agua Azul and Misol-Ha waterfalls as well as inside the cave behind the water curtain.

We will drift 15 kilometers on the beautiful electric turquoise blue Tulija River though the jungle at the time we make sensing and fluidity exercises with the water.

Two incredible archeological sites are part of the journey:
1. Palenque
2. Yaxchilan (in the border with Guatemala)

In both places we´ll do attention works that allows visiting these places in a special inner silence and lucid state, that allows us to perceive even the most subtle aspects of these magnificent places.

Mazatec Sierra Zone

We will go to Huautla (The Mazatec sierra capital). There we will stay a few days with a Mazatec indigenous family; people dedicated to the shamanic healing path.

The Mazatecs are the second most preserved Mexican ethnic group with Toltec roots, they still live based on many foundations of their antique knowledge. We will visit the power places where the Mazatecs have been working for many generations.

We will make attention walks on the mountains and have practices with several techniques as well as a cleansing experience in a Mazatec temazcal (sweat lodge), an ancient indigenous way still preserved in this zone of Mexico. Here we will have an opportunity to receive the teachings of the sacred mushrooms.

Chontal Zone

Connection with Earth and caves (average 100 meters underground).

Here will work with the being of Earth.

In the state of Morelos on the border with the state of Guerrero is a cave system catalogued as one of the biggest on the planet. The Cacahuamilpa grotto is part of this system and in the case of this cavern an end has not been found yet. In this area there are two rivers that enter the ground by caves where the water current has opened, becoming underground rivers. They are the Chontacoatlan river and the San Jeronimo river.

The visit to these rivers is possible only in the dry season, in the rainy season it’s practically impossible due to the amount of water and the great force they have.

In our pilgrimage we will pass though one of these enormous and powerful caverns, we approach the experience as a portal on the path, the work done there is to make contact with Mother Earth´s being, asking permission to enter her body, to her womb to the arteries of her rivers.

The approach to this experience is from the initiation angle; a passage though your own darkness to be reborn from Mother Earth´s body into the light of the Sun and into a new phase in life; the light of consciousness that will allow us to see and experience what was dark or invisible to our eyes. It´s a portal experience, an inner awakening, an initiation, a rebirth pointing to a better life. We will enter in the state of Guerero in the San Jeronimo River; it’s a two day journey, at times walking and sometimes swimming.

Stops for shamanic exercises will be done, also work will be done as we advance, the entire experience will be done in an attention walk mode.

Food stops will be made and at a certain point we´ll camp in one of the river´s beaches to sleep "the night".

Finally, we will come out two days later in the state of Morelos.

It’s an unforgettable and profound experience, an intense beautiful challenge.

Toltec Zone

Connection with the Xinantacatl volcano (4,550 meters above sea level).

Since pre-Hispanic times this majestic volcano is visited, today called El Nevado de Toluca (The snowed of Toluca) It´s a very special power place. They used to climb there to make ceremonies, initiations, and to leave offerings to its impressive presence and to its two lagoons; the moon and the sun respectively. Still today ethnic groups arrive there to do shamanic work and give offerings.

In our pilgrimage we will go up to the Xinantecatl and spend a few days hosted in the alpine refuge.

We will concentrate in special activities for that place.

Attention and sensing work is done to connect with the Poderio (conscious power) of the volcano and the earth´s magma.

We will make special attention walks for this altitude, in one of the walks we will reach the pico del aguila (the eagles peak) at 4,550 meters high, from where a wonderful 360 degrees view is appreciated all the way to the horizon. Here we make a ceremony of thanks.

In the crater we perform powerful and special work for each of the two lagoons and the mineral root connected to the magma of the earth. These activities generally awaken hidden aspects of our own energy that may bring altered states of consciousness and lucidity.

We will elaborate and place offerings in special places where they have been left since pre-Hispanic times.

Wirrarika Zone

Connection with the desert (rains on average once every 5 years).

Finally we will arrive to San Luis Potosi to the desert area. The place is relatively close to the sacred area where for thousands of years important pilgrimages arrive from the Wirrarika tribe; the most preserved ethnic group in Mexico.

The Wirrarika are direct descendants from the antique Toltecs, they live based on much of the antique knowledge and traditions. They pilgrimage for hundreds of kilometers to this desert since times that are lost in history to make their Vision Quest (Nierika) to connect with the powers of life, to give thanks, and to leave offerings.

The desert is a very strong power place by itself, in this case the area is one of the most important sacred places for the Wirrarika people. To go there it's necessary to approach with respect and humbleness that easily comes from knowing how important it is to be accepted and enter such a place. In such a serious, vast place, one feels beautifully small and great.

In this silent desert, magical and profound, is where each participant will do their solitary retreat for a few days in nature and will do the appropriate work of the Vision Quest, to call the revelation that will bring to the seeker the necessary clarity and the steps to embark in a better way of living.

After the solitary retreat we will make the most important attention walk of all the pilgrimage, that will take us to the Palacio del Gobernador (The Governors Palace) or Cerro Quemado (Leunarre) one of the most sacred and important places for the Wirrarika people, and the highest mountain in that desert.

Here we will do a finishing ceremony with the sacred Huichol Plants (peyote) for our vision quest work, giving thanks for everything; for life gifted to us with full hands, for allowing us to arrive all the way here, for all the gifts in the pilgrimage; revelations, forgiving, cleansings, new energy. We will ask for blessings for the world, the people, and our loved ones, we will leave offerings and in this way we will close our pilgrimage.

Once this done, this is the point where you will begin your way back to your new life; your Path With A Heart.

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