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March 21 - April 05, 2014
Path with a Heart: Toltec Dreaming
Pilgrimage and Vision Quest

Travel Tips

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Path with a HeartOur journey begins in Villahermosa/Palenque Mexico.

Depending on the location where we will be and the activities we will be engaged in, there will be logistic changes such as transportation, accommodations, and meals. At times we shall use hotels, cabins and restaurants, while in other places we will camp and prepare food; at times public transportation will be used, while for certain activities we will rent a vehicle with a driver for a few hours. From the midpoint of the pilgrimage a special vehicle will be rented in order to access places that would be impossible to reach in any other way.


In the first stage (Chiapas) we will stay in a 4 star comfortable hotel, and we will be using rustic cabins with all services in Misol-Ha, a place with a waterfall and a cave where we will work.

In the second stage we will stay in hotels of towns we pass by. we will have a two or three nights in an alpine refuge in the peak of a volcano. We will stay some days in the home of a Mazatec family in Oaxaca´s Mountains. We will camp in one or two places during the journey, for sure one of the nights we will camp in the shore of the underground river we will be in. We will also camp in the middle of desert where the Vision Quest will take place. And we will close our work in a fancy, rustic, luxurious, bohemian little hotel in the mountains of the desert before going back to Mexico City.


This is an extensive and intense work, designed for those people seeking a serious lasting change wishing to live in more plenitude, as well as a work for those already immersed in a change process, but who are seeking additional elements that would help achieve it more effectively.

This is for those who would like to get close to the Toltec indigenous knowledge and learn ways to work inside to create freedom and lucidity, to focus and guide attention and one's own energy and to embark on a Path with a Heart. No doubt this is the perfect work for those who need to discover the next steps to be taken in life. This for those who heard a call for a Vision Quest.

If you need to make a special and profound pause in life to see your issues from another perspective, to have a space to recapitulate what has been lived, and to know the tools to build success and create a new reality for your life, this is a special retreat space, vivifying, deep and beautiful. This sojourn goes beyond just quitting the everyday routine. You will visit extraordinary places not easily accessible for the common person. This is no doubt the work for you if you desire a separate reality.

Path with a Heart is appropriate for those who have engaged in previous work, and also for those who approach Toltequity for the first time.


This is a demanding pilgrimage that requires being in good physical, mental and emotional shape to be able to embark on it correctly. It’s recommended to begin a daily exercise discipline at least one month before the pilgrimage, to have a good endurance. (As you subscribe to the workshop you will receive advice about this).

In the pilgrimage we will climb mountains, arrive to the peak of a volcano, we will drift on a river for hours, go through caves and underground rivers for two days, we will make long attention walks, we will do indigenous dances, a retreat in nature, soma fasting, sweat lodge. These are magnificent experiences for those having a good physical endurance to face them.

It’s normal to have a resistance to exercise; especially if it’s not a habit in your life, but the things exercise gives you in exchange are strength, youth, endurance, lucidity, and the capacity to do these kinds of activities where you will find amazing gifts and not to mention the possibility of arriving to very beautiful and difficult to reach places in nature. ALL TOGETHER THIS IS AN EXPERIENCE THAT WITH NO DOUBT YOU WILL REMEMBER ALL YOUR LIFE.

All you do on this trip will depend on your body; it’s a basic foundation, not only for the pilgrimage but for your entire life.

Eat well, sleep the necessary amount for your body, drink enough water, take care of your sexual energy, and avoid negative and wasteful emotions as well as stress as much as possible.

The better you arrive for this pilgrimage the better results you will have.

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