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March 21 - April 05, 2016
Toltec Dreaming: Path with a Heart
Pilgrimage and Vision Quest

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Path with a Heart


This is a very special and profound trip; you will realize that it is necessary to have a minimum of personal power, resources, and a space of freedom to access it.

You have to consider it’s a long and complex trip that lasts an entire month. It is a big tip in every sense, with radical and deep effects in those who participate in it.

We recommend to understand this kind of journey not as an expense but rather as an investment in your person and your life. The reason is simple; it´s profound work that will radically change you into a better person and therefore your life quality will improve. It´s not like a vacation that once done it's over, but more an experience that will keep on having positive repercussions and new insights for years after participating.


Most of time we will be using top quality accommodations and meals will be in wonderful restaurants.

In the first part we will stay in a five-stars hotel in Palenque, and in the jungle we will be in nice, clean, rustic cabins with hotel services and a delicious restaurant.

In the second part of the journey we will stay some days in the home of a Mazatec family in Oaxaca´s Mountains. Use an alpine retreat in the volcano we will climb. We will camp in two places during the journey; one of the nights on the shore of the underground river we will cross. We will also camp in the middle of desert where the Vision Quest will take place. And we will close our work in a fancy, rustic, luxurious, bohemian little hotel in the desert mountains before going back to Mexico City as an ending point of the journey.


Transportation along the country is in a comfortable and spacious vehicle.


The workshop begins in Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico on the 21st of March. Depending on your schedule you may arrive to the airport in Palenque, or in Villahermosa, Tabasco state (two hours away from Palenque). We will pick you up in either case.

By all means please arrive one or two days before the Workshop begins, so you can rest from your trip, get over jet lag, and get accustomed to the jungle weather. Your stay previous to the workshop is not included in the price but we can make reservations for you in the same hotel where the group will stay.


Your workshop ends in Palenque, Chiapas, the 05 of April. We recommend you stay one more day to rest and allow the experience to settle in before traveling back home.

You may depart from the airport in Palenque or from Villahermosa. If it works for you we can leave you in a hotel, or the airport in Villahermosa as we pass by in our pilgrimage with the group. This will be the 06th of April.


We will finish in Mexico City the late night of the 21st of April. You will need to plan to arrive to a hotel in Mexico City Airport (we can make reservations for you.) Please arrange your departure flight for the 22nd of April. This is the best way to do it as Mexico City is huge and it may take two to three hours to arrive to the airport if you stay in a downtown hotel.

Or, you may wish to stay a few more days and visit the pyramids and the anthropology museum (one of the ten best in the world) or any other attraction in Mexico City or nearby. In any case we will leave you at your hotel as mentioned above.

If you have never worked with us we do encourage you to make the full journey all at once in order to understand it fully and get all the benefits.

You can also do the first part one year and return to the second part the next year, but so far people who have done this say they would have preferred the whole experience all at once.


Eat well, sleep the necessary amount for your body, drink enough water, take care of your sexual energy, and avoid negative and wasteful emotions as well as stress as much as possible. The better you arrive for this pilgrimage the better results you will have.

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