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Great Mystery Connect Webinars

Great Mystery Connect offers you the opportunity to engage live with your online community while spreading your ideas across the globe. Large or small, your Webinar can span the planet, connecting people without the expense or hassle of travel and with the added bonus of leaving a low carbon footprint.

Unlike other webinar software programs where you pay some money and then have to do everything yourself, we're here to take care of all your technical needs so nothing goes wrong during your webinar presentation. We provide support before, during, and after your webinar to make sure that you get the best out of your event and don't suffer any kind of embarrasing technical issues.

Great Mystery Connect is a dynamic online communication and marketing tool, ideal for workshop leaders, presenters, teachers and authors with an existing local or global network.

CONNECT allows you to engage spontaneously with attendees through an interactive live video format. Keep your event lively through chat, polling and threaded Q&A. You can display up to five panellists at one time or one speaker in full-screen view, all with integrated audio and high-quality video. You may choose to show images or add a PowerPoint, Keynote presentation, audio or video clip to your webinar.

A leader in its field, Great Mystery has 20 years’ experience presenting live conferences and more than two producing online programs. We can assist with program design and promotion. Our team of experts will manage the operation of your online program providing technical support before and during the event. Following the session, you will have a recording of your webinar to keep that can be posted on your site.


» Up to 500 people online at the same time
» Up to 5 simultaneously active video cameras
» Engaging in real time with a global audience
» Add a slide show, image, audio or video to complement the presentation
» Chat box allows participants to comment privately or publicly
» An archived recording of the event to watch indefinitely

How it works

• You promote to your community through your website and emails
• You can charge a fee, ask for a donation, or offer your program for free
• You collect and keep all registration revenue
• Cisco System's state-of-the-art WebEx software
• We provide experienced and friendly technical support before, during, and after
• Two technicans on the live session to engineer and assist
• 90-120 minute live session plus one hour pre-session
• Pre-event system tests
• Recording (mp4) of event for unlimited use
• FEE: contact us for pricing
• Optional promotional packages

Working with Great Mystery for your online events enhances and simplifies your life.

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