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What The Bleep Do We Know?! The Prophets Conference Series

Santa Monica, Boulder, Miami, Portland, Vancouver, Scottsdale

Dear Robin and Cody,

I have arrived back home on Orcas ...this morning everything is white with frost and brilliantly clear. Grateful for the silence and the time to digest.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend and be a part of your conference. It was such a pleasure to meet both of you...like meeting old friends again. And the conference was so stimulating. I feel some new clarity out of it about my own path in the world. I so appreciate all the work that goes into producing an event like that, and you do it so well.

I hope that you both have some time to rest and renew after LA. I look forward to however the universe brings us together again, as I am sure it will!

Blessings and Love,
Susan Osborn

Singer / songwriter, formerly with the Paul Winter Consort, Susan has performed at the United Nations, the Berlin Wall, the Nagano Winter Olympics, the Global Forum in Kyoto and the Hague, and numerous memorial and peace ceremonies at Hiroshima and Post-9/11 New York. www.susanosborn.com

Dear Robin and Cody,

Jo Anne and I want to thank you so much for the gift of that wonderful weekend workshop. I think "What the Bleep" was the most exciting conference you two have put together so far -- and that is saying a lot! We were thoroughly engaged, from beginning to end. By the time it was over, we were cross-eyed and brain-weary from all we'd heard -- and that's exactly what we'd hoped for! What a thrilling, stimulating weekend.

I would love to hear a longer interaction between Fred and Dr. Albert sometime. The two of them could really create ... well, an atomic reaction!

I hope you are finding time to catch your breath after that hectic weekend. I'm sorry we didn't have a chance to say goodbye. We had to leave right after the panel discussion in order to make our flight, and you were both swamped at that point. But I want you to know what a wonderful time we had at the conference, and how much we appreciated your generosity in inviting us.

With love,
Marlene (and Jo Anne too)
Marlene Roeder, personal assistant to Ram Dass

Hi Cody and Robin,

I wanted to thank you for providing your wonderful hospitality and admission to the Prophets and Bleep convention! I had a great time and came away refreshed, inspired and ready to apply all the lessons learned.

I also wanted to follow up on the idea of participating in the Prophets Conference in Asheville this spring. I live in Atlanta so I'm close. I was thinking possibly a short concert or guided meditation session? Would this be in keeping with what you may have in mind?

Love to participate in however you would see it work!

Best Regards,
Jonn Serrie

Ambient space music artist whose body of work includes projects for Lucasfilm Ltd., NASA, the United States Navy, Hayden Planetarium, Expo Seville, and CNN. www.vipinfo.com/jonn/

I had an awesome time at the conference! I loved hearing everything about physics (I want to study physics in college), especially John Hagelin with string theory. It was also awesome hearing all the science going on with conciousness. I dont used the word "conciousness," but I have a very similar belief. i got my belief from the Baha'i faith (i dont know if you are familiar with the Baha'i faith, but if your aren't, you can ask me or research about it) but my belief is that science and religion are united. They both point to the same truth. that is obviously something that many people at the conference thought, though it seemed to me that a lot of people disliked organized relition. they seemed to like "spirituality" more than "religion." thats only a slight disagreement with me (since i belong to an organized religion), and i like to hear and see other perspectives. I'm all about being open minded, and thats what "What the Bleep" seem to be about too. I learned a lot and im glad i was part of the experience. I await to see how this development will affect humanity.

Feel free to give me any comments or questions. Thanks for having the conference! it was definitely worth the major loss of sleep and all night flight straight back to school from the airport! So thanks again and have a good day (or year or life or whatever)!

—Aaron, Chattanooga, TN (17 years-old)

Dear Prophets Conference,

Thanks for the incredible weekend you put on for the What the Bleep conference. I felt very cared for by the staff and volunteers and that the event was a world class affair. I felt that the staff made every effort to make the event comfortable and powerful for all the 500 people that were there. I especially appreciated how a copy of the toast that Miceal Ledwith gave was made available to each participant. (Unfortunately, I forgot to pick one up, and wonder if anyone might email me a copy...thanks). I feel so privileged to be one of the few people in the world to have been served such a healing and fulfilling weekend. I felt that the staff and volunteers were very patient, despite the heat, willing to help meet the needs of the attendees, and able to blend in so well with the presenters that it was hard to tell that they were not quantum healers as well.

My life goal has been to be able to have a healing effect on humanity through metaphsical means alone. This conference has opened my eyes to much that has blocked my capacities and deprived me of my heart's desire. This gathering of like minded people was a great boost of hope and direction and confidence to me. I feel able to exponenciate the effects I have derived to be of higher service to all through what I have learned these past 4 days.

Also, what a surprise that you would make CDs available of all the speakers' presentations. As I tell my friends of the power of this event, they are delighted that I will have these CDs and can share them. Thank you so much, as there was a lot of information to take in, and it was wonderful to feel free to just listen, rather than scramble to take notes.

Thanks to the Prophets Conference and the staff for making this powerful program the magnificent event that it was.

Most Gratefully,
Loren Senge, Bellingham, Washington

Cody and Robin,
It's been awhile and I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to work together in the Miami conference. Since returning to Sarasota many people have repeated how much they got out of the conference.For me it has opened doors of possibilities that I never believed could be obtained in the short time since Miami. Please contact me if ther is ever anything I can do to help in any future events regardless of location. Michael and I would sure love to work together with you in anyway possible.

Your loving spirit is beautiful and contagious. What a wonderful experience we had!Till we meet again much love and blessings to both of you.
—Greg Surles, Sarasota, Florida

Thanks so much for the van-groovy course, its so very refreshing and uplifting to know we are not the only ones who think like this! Onwards and upwards!
—Michelle Anderson, Coto de Caza, California

Thank you sooo much for bringing this amazing conference to Vancouver!! I was looking for clarity, affirmation, guidance and encouragement on my journey to spiritual power. There is no doubt in my mind after this past week-end about what my true purpose is and how I must proceed further along my path. God bless you all for this wonderful experience. Please do more.
—Jeanette C. Dagger-Haviaras, Victoria, Canada

I attended the Bleep conference in Portland this last weekend. It was FANTASTIC! I have already passed on my DVD to someone and am talking up the film to as many people as possible. I used the "power of positive intentions" concept during an employee performance review today and it went WONDERFULLY! My life is already changing by my intentions!
—Michelle Ritter Portland, OR

I'm just sending a thought of THANKS for the incredible experience you all organized for the "Bleep" conference in Scottsdale. It was an absolutely unforgettable experience, and I have referred several people to your site with hearty recommendations to all!

I came back to Indianapolis and joined our local NPR station (which I've done for a number of years, 2x each year...) for the early morning fund-raising shift yesterday morning upon my return. Some 90,000-100,000 Central Indiana listeners heard me praising (albeit briefly.....I WAS there to encourage contributions to the station!) the "What the Bleep" Prophets Conference in Scottsdale; a couple of the guys there have asked more questions and want to locate your website for future reference &/or trip opportunities. I have nothing but wonderful thoughts and comments to offer.

Thank you SO much for the opportunity and experiences!

I would adore working for you if/WHEN you have any presentations in the Indianapolis, Indiana, area......please keep my name on your list! And if you ever have need for a radio/voice-over talent......please keep me in mind!!!!!

Best wishes to all,
—Lolly Ramey, Indianapolis, Indiana

Marlee Matlinís authenticity and sincerity touched me, especially as her personal story provided real examples of the truth of the movieís concepts. Nearly all the presentations blew my socks off.
—Dana Jordan, Phoenix, Arizona

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