Miguel Angel Vergara Calleros will be guiding the Mayan site portion of the conference and conducting ceremony. He will also be a conference speaker. Angel is a Mayan Cultural Teacher and leading authority on Chichen Itza and the pyramid of K'u-Kuul-Kaan. He is the author of several books on the Maya including two on Chichen Itza. He was Coordinator of Cultural Services for the Yucatan state government and the director of Chichen Itza for four years.
Miguel Angel studied for 17 years with Mayan elder, Don Vincente Martin, who was a wisdom keeper, professional teacher and artist. Angel became a master in his own right, known as Master Nazul, and teaches seminars in Mexico and abroad on Mayan astronomy, philosophy, calendar, glyphs and symbols, medicine, cosmovision, traditions and prayers, ceremonies and healing. Miguel Angel teaches us how to connect with the masters of light who are available to teach and guide us now, as in ancient times. He conducts tours to the Mayan sacred sites so that we can experience first-hand the powerful activating energies of those areas. His knowledge and experience make the journeys come alive as we begin to understand how the messages were imprinted, what the glyphs mean, how the buildings were used and how the ceremonies were conducted.

Miguel Angel teaches in a heart-centered style that connects rapidly and profoundly with his audience. Those who experience him realize they are in the presence of a master and are being given an extraordinary gift.