"We have entered one of the most important periods in human history, the Time of Prophecies. We have the opportunity to lift ourselves to new levels of consciousness. This time was foretold over the past centuries by cultures around the world. Now it is up to us - you and me - to make it happen. What a wonderful gift!"
—John Perkins

"We live in a provocative, evolving time that promises to impact how we live together on the planet, how we continue as a species, and how we understand ourselves in relation to a larger universe...this is the time to remember how to live in ecstatic relationship with natural forces."
—Llyn Roberts, M.A.

Authors John Perkins and Llyn Roberts, M.A., will guide us on an amazing journey to the ancient Mayan sites of Palenque, Tikal, Antiqua, and Lake Atitlan, using ancient shamanic shapeshifting approaches to propel us to higher states of consciousness — and to experience how expanding our own awareness can help us transform not only ourselves, but the world around us.

We are living within the time that all great prophets and indigenous prophecies have pointed to, the 15 year window that began in 1998, and completes the Maya Calendar in 2012. Although this period is fraught with calamity and uncertainty, it is believed that a momentous and wonderful evolution is occurring within the human race, and thus for the Earth. Medicine women and men from diverse cultures have, for over 500 years, known that the time would come for them to share long-held secret teachings, prophecies and sacred ceremonies with humanity. Many such elders and shamans from around the world have taught John Perkins and Llyn Roberts that all life is energy and that new forms become possible by altering energy patterns on both individual and global levels.

The ancient Maya were known as masters of the subtle energies. The Maya lands, waters, the visible as well as the submerged sacred and ancient vortex temples and sites, and the ancestral energies of the Mayalands — support tremendous energy, enhancing our ability to delve deeply to apply intention and energy to shapeshift ourselves and our global community. We will discover that the ability to create positive change in ourselves and in the world around us is innate to us all. These shifts of consciousness usher in new ways of understanding and open new possibilities for living.

Prophecies from original peoples all over the planet tell us that now is the time for humanity to embrace its higher potential — and to live harmoniously with the Earth, one another, and all other life. Join us in this life-changing adventure of consciousness.

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