Guiding Us Through the Heart of Native America

John “Eesawu” Kimmey.

If there was an appropriate term to describe the lifeworks of John Kimmey it would be as a 'seedplanter.' He has an innate characteristic of a visionary/community developer, working for years with the native people of the American Southwest.

John became a student of the elders of the Hopi village of Hotevilla, Arizona and became a student and traveling companion of the late Hopi Prophet and village leader, David Monongye. At the elders' request John came to live in Hotevilla to assist them in a communication effort which reached out to the United Nations and many other world leaders.
While residing with the Hopis John was urged by the elders to return to Santa Fe and found an organization to collect and conserve native food crops of the Southwest. John founded Talavaya Center, a non-profit educational and research center which established a community seed bank of over 600 varieties of native cultivars. In 1984 Talavaya Center received the United Nations Environmental Programme Award for its successful efforts in the conservation of genetic diversity of important germplasm and the farming lore of the ancestral cultures of the Southwest.

Having received permission, John has become a foremost teacher of the Hopi Prophecy and the wisdom of the Hopi Elders which he has taught around the world and will be sharing on this journey.

Sandra Santa Cruz is the founder and director of the Novela Project, which she introduced at Adams State College in August 2006. Sandra has extensive formal dance training and holds a B.A. in Dance and M.A. in Theatre from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Presently, she serves as adjunct professor at Adams State College and is the Artistic Director of Canto Al Pueblo Cultural Arts, a not-for-profit arts organization dedicated to the expression of Indio-Hispano art and culture. On our Pilgrimage To The Heart Of Native America Sandra will be accompanying John Kimmey as The Prophets Conference tour escort.

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