2013: Day 1
Palm Springs, California
Indepth Workshop ยท 28 February 2011

Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.
Illumination at the End of Time

In this experiential workshop you will explore the shamanic art of transforming negative emotions such as greed, anger, and despair into powerful forces that we can employ to dream a new life into being. Alberto Villoldo, a leading teacher of shamanism, will share the core practices of energy medicine, which include the illumination process and soul retrieval. These ancient practices are presented in a scientific and practical system of energy healing that will allow you to discover states of exceptional health and well-being, and participate in your future evolution. You will learn:
  • Techniques for crafting meaningful rites of passage and Initiation.
  • The Illumination process to clear imprints in the energy field before they have a chance to express as disease in the body.
  • Soul-retrieval to heal past trauma and recover your essential self.
  • Destiny-retrieval to access a future healed state for yourself, your family, and the Earth.
  • You will also learn to craft mythic maps that allow you to navigate these times of crises and lead you to a healed and abundant future.

    Recommended Reading: Illumination: The Shamans Way of Healing




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