2013: Day 1
Palm Springs, California
Indepth Workshop · 1 March 2011

James Gilliland
Introduction to Self Mastery - Connecting with your Multi-Dimensional Self /Inner Sensitivity Training

James Gillialand

The Earth and all who reside upon her are going through an awakening and healing process some refer to as “The Quickening” The veils between worlds are lifting yet most are mentally, emotionally and spiritually unprepared for this process. Come experience powerful tools, techniques and initiations of the highest consciousness and energy.
Workshop Contents
  • Introduction to Planes, Dimensions and the Vibrational Continuum
  • Techniques for working with Higher Beings & Guides
  • Discernment & Healing unseen negative influences
  • Safeguards for working with the benevolent ones
  • Initiating Contact
  • Experiencing the multi-dimensional shift
  • Meditation Techniques (Spontaneous Yi Gong)
  • Group Initiation

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