2013: Day 1
Palm Springs, California
Indepth Workshop · 1 March 2011

Little Grandmother
Remembering Who We Are: The Way of the Tribe of Many Colors

Little Grandmother

In this workshop, shaman and Wisdom Keeper Little Grandmother will share with the group keys to shifting individual awareness and living from the heart for the coming times—based on teachings given to her directly by the ancestors and Mother Earth. Little Grandmother speaks about the importance of remembering who we are as truly cosmic beings and what we are capable of; the need for a return to living in the heart and relating to Earth as a living being. She shares the information she has been given about what human beings need to remember to shift into the dimension of universal love. In addition, as a shaman, Little Grandmother "sees" and works with energy, which is in everything living; there are certain techniques and practices people can learn to become aware of the living and healing energies of the earth. We can be healed by the earth and send healing energy to Mother Earth, transforming our way of relating to each other and ourselves in the process.




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