Photo by Alex Povolashko

Great Mystery, curated by Robin Johnson, celebrates its 30th Anniversary in 2023.


Dear fellow traveler,

As cofounder, it is my pleasure to welcome you to Great Mystery.

With an innate and never-ending curiosity to understand the nature of multi-dimensional realities and the emerging unified field of consciousness, Great Mystery was created to bring together forward-thinking teachers, researchers, and explorers. From our first weekend workshop on Maui with Carlos Castaneda, Great Mystery has presented engaging conferences, online events, and exceptional tours to ancient sites to foster feelings of hope and resilience.

Through this weaving of Wisdom Teachings, perennialism, and pioneering scientific research we gain insight, inspiration, and tools to heal ourselves and effectively navigate and bring harmony to our rapidly changing world.

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I invite you to listen to our Curious and Curiouser Podcast offerings, be uplifted with insightful Perspectives, and discover the work of some of our remarkable faculty of Teachers. And, while you’re visiting, be sure to Subscribe to the Great Mystery newsletter.

Thank you for continuing this work. I went to a Prophets Conference in June, 2000 and I still think about and tell stories about some of what I encountered. Thank you! —Fran Chock

With love and optimism,

Robin Johnson