Annette Müller

Expanding Consciousness Unlocks Healing Potential for Us All

I led an ordinary life before I was the victim of a terrible car accident. Following this, I spent many months in undiagnosed agony until energy healing saved me. I would say it gave me my life back, but it did even more—it showed me my new, better life.

Healing is possible for anyone once the dormant ability is awoken and consciousness expanded.  Experiencing this new health reinvigorated my hunger for life.

At the foundation of everything I now know, sharing this crucial information with the masses is critical to its practice.  After receiving healing, then being a student of healing, becoming a teacher of healing is only natural. Health and wellness miracles have positive and contagious benefits and are a beautiful thing to spread.

The alternative healing community is founded upon the belief that it is possible for anyone to expand their consciousness and go beyond the physical body to dissolve the true subconscious causes of illness and suffering. Energy healing is interacting with the electromagnetic field map of the human body, the cartography of health. Right now, it is key to educate and increase access and awareness of energy healing methods for all, standing behind the sentiment that alternative healing is beneficial for anyone and everyone.

We must participate in platforms and foster relationships with the pioneers of alternative ways of healing, thinking, and living to connect and network. The most specific bridge to build is the one between Western medicine and alternative healing methods. I support challenging conventional ideas fixated on the paramount influence of specifically Western medicinal practices, and the active disapproval of capitalistic corruption in the health and wellness industry.

I believe in bringing mainstream medicine back in touch with its true mission: to heal rather than simply manage. As one collective consciousness, with each other and the world around us; we need to embrace the signs and study of alternative medicine and work in conjunction with Western medicine in order to create and cultivate one whole, healthy people.

If you do not know your inner power and no one ever helps you to unlock it, then you are missing out on the abundant potential available to you all along! Energy healing: receiving, practicing, or teaching it; is all a part of what lies behind the locked door in our minds, while sometimes inexplicable, it is a palpable connection between theoretical study and physical reality.


With her clear vision and distinct outlook, ANNETTE MÜLLER is enhancing the fusion of medicine and energy healing. She is the founder of Villa San Esprit, the first and only stationary hospital for energy healing in Germany, and the affiliated school for energy healing, École San Esprit. 

In addition to the methods she studied, Annette sourced her own main techniques: amazinGRACE® and SKYourself®. These courses and several other energy healing methods are offered in a two-year program at École San Esprit in Germany.  A compact version of amazinGRACE® is offered annually in a two-week format in Mallorca, Spain

Eventually the Villa San Esprit evolved so that the healing methods that had changed her life could be offered to those in need. Over the past ten years, Annette‘s successes have made her an internationally known and recognized healer.

To be able to spread the knowledge that got her back on her feet after being so severely injured, Annette founded the SAN ESPRIT EDITION, a publishing branch of her institution. Her German autobiography and the English translation of BLAZING TRAILS OF MIRACLES is read internationally. Additional German titles are being published as well.

In Germany, Annette facilitates a once a year festival on the premises of the school, presenting leading personalities like Swiss historian and peace researcher Dr. Daniele Ganser, biologist and researcher Rupert Sheldrake,  German physician and homeopathist Dr. Rüdiger Dahlke, documentary and feature filmmaker Emmanuel Itier, the very popular theologian Father Jürgen Fliege,  and the late internationally recognized Japanese scientist and author Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Annette is Producer of the documentaries Healers without Border, The Cure, We The People, and Guns, Bombs and Violence: A Love Story.