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Tools to Expand Your Consciousness

The path of spiritual growth is a path of lifelong learning. 

M. Scott Peck

April 20 – May 1, 2020  |  Mallorca, Spain

amazinGRACE® is a powerful form of energy healing that uses the universal energy and intelligence that surrounds us to affect the principal energy channel within our spinal column, healing chronic illnesses as well painful joints, limbs, and backs with energy.

Through the amazinGRACE® Certification Training you learn to facilitate miraculous healing for yourself and others that is not dependent on any particular belief system or previous experience with healing techniques.



Photo credit Konstantin Dyadyun

Photo credit Simon Lewis

April 25-26, 2020  |   Mallorca, Spain


SKYourself® clears emotional blockages from present and past lives, allowing you to free yourself and others from these bonds.

SKYourself® brings together elements of energetic work, spirituality, modern psychology and therapy to resolve emotional blockages. A client is led through a deep resolution process in the protected environment of a therapy or healing session without exposing the soul-spirit-body system to the stress of re-experiencing traumatizing memories.



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6-Part Video Course


Whether putting words on paper or releasing them to the air, communicating our thoughts and ideas is an art.

This six-part intensive writing workshop deals with the intuitive, interior creative side and the logical, external marketing side of a writer’s life. The course will cover both the WHY-TO and the HOW-TO of writing since it is the fusion of both that leads to creative combustion and commercial success.



Jose Argüelles, Flordemayo, John Kimmey, Miguel Angel Vergara, Freddy Silva, David Carson, Christine Page, Mario Mayorga & Rocío López

8-Part Video Course

This extraordinary video series brings together indigenous knowledge, prophecy, and practices from the Maya, Huichol, Toltec, Hopi and Choctaw traditions.

These presentations offer insights into ancient wisdom that can help those of us living in a modern society find harmony within ourselves and attunement with Nature. These traditional wisdom teachings show us how to participate in our sacred world and live in right relationship with all of Creation.