Jude Currivan

Unifying Reality

We are beginning to see the entire universe as a holographically interlinked network of energy and information, organically whole and self-referential at all scales of its existence. We and all things in the universe are non-locally connected with each other and with all other things in ways that are unfettered by the hitherto known limitations of space and time.

A 21st-century scientific revolution is about to not only transform our understanding of our Universe at the minute quantum level and the furthest reaches of space but at each and every level between and crucially at the scale of our everyday lives. Even more important, it will revolutionise how we see ourselves and the nature of reality itself.

The latest scientific discoveries that are leading to this radical new awareness reveal that our high-tech virtual realities and holograms are like kid’s toys for which the real world is the master class. They show that the information whose existence, flows and interactions are the basis of our technologies is exactly the same as the universal in-formation that makes and is all we call physical reality.

The recognition that material reality is essentially ephemeral and information is physically real are converging; proving not only that information is more fundamental than energy and matter and even more primary than space and time but that it is the basic stuff of our entire Universe.

From the tiniest Planck scale to the whole Universe the latest scientific evidence across all fields of research is discovering that our Universe is innately in-formed and holographic – and exists and evolves as a coherent and unified entity. Literally a cosmic hologram – and perfect for the emergence of self-aware beings like us.

This astounding new realisation will forever transform our perceptions. In finally reconciling scientific evidence with universal spiritual experience it unifies reality into a wholeworld-view, revealing that mind is matter and consciousness isn’t something we have – it’s what we and the whole world are.

JUDE CURRIVAN is a cosmologist, planetary healer, futurist, author and previously one of the most senior business women in the UK. She has journeyed to some eighty countries around the world, has experienced multidimensional realities since early childhood and worked with the wisdom keepers both incarnate and discarnate of many traditions.

She integrates leading-edge science, research into consciousness and universal wisdom teachings into a wholistic whole-worldview. This underpins her work aimed at enabling transformational and emergent resolutions to our collective planetary issues, raising awareness and empowering fundamental change and sustainable solutions to global problems.

She holds a Ph.D. in Archaeology from the University of Reading in the UK researching ancient cosmologies and a Masters Degree in Physics from Oxford University specializing in cosmology and quantum physics. She is the author of six non-fiction books currently available in 15 languages and 25 countries. Her most recent is The Cosmic Hologram: In-formation at the Center of Creation, which won a 2017 silver Nautilus book award in the category of science and cosmology.

In 2017 she co-founded WholeWorld-View to communicate the new paradigm of unified reality and with the aim to empower the understanding, experiencing and embodying of unity awareness to serve transformational healing and change in the world. Its growing unity community of over 800 global change-makers are now linking up to co-creatively speed up and scale up its message and impact.

Her international corporate career culminated in her being the Group Finance Director of two major international businesses. She has extensive experience and knowledge of world events, international politics and global economic and financial systems and has spoken on transformational reforms in the UK, US, Europe, Japan and South Korea.

For the last nearly twenty years she has also travelled around the world in service to planetary and collective healing, some of which is described in her books The 8th Chakra, The 13th Step, and most HOPE – Healing Our People & Earth. Some of her inner and outer journeys of discovery are shared in her first fictionalised e-book Legacy, available on Amazon.