Unfolding the Vibrational World of Stem Cells

by Carlo Ventura, MD

Stem Cells: National Cancer Institute

Electromagnetic and Acoustic Communication for a New Paradigm in Regenerative Medicine

Molecular biologist Carlo Ventura offers an evolving picture of cells capable to perceive themselves as a rhythmic component of the universe.

“We play a part in the Universe’s electromagnetic vibrations and sounds.

“As in the Universe, in biological organisms, rhythmic oscillation and synchronization of oscillatory patterns are an essential requisite for recognition and connectedness. A major result from the emergence of coherent biological rhythms is cell polarity. In somatic and stem cells, cell polarity results from and acts on the modulation of cellular ion fluxes, electric fields, and vibrational patterns of the cytoskeleton and nucleoskeleton. Cell polarity is crucial in the physiological modulation of stem cell differentiation and aging, as shown by the fact that altered cell polarization invariantly associates with disease, pathological aging, and cancer.

Image credit: VID art | science

“Our recent findings show that properly conveyed radioelectric fields are able to: (i) enhance the differentiating potential of mouse embryonic stem cells, (ii) induce pluripotency in human adult stem cells, promoting their differentiation into cardiac, neural, skeletal muscle and endothelial cells, (iii) afford direct reprogramming towards the same lineages in human somatic cells (dermal fibroblasts), (iiii) reverse human stem cell aging in vitro, (iiiii) reprogram PC12 cancer cells into dopaminergic neurons, and (iiiiii) optimize stem cell polarity.

“We are now understanding the role of mechanical vibrations in the modulation of (stem) cell signaling networks and cellular expression of multilineage potential.

On the whole, there is an evolving picture of cells capable to perceive themselves as a rhythmic component of the universe, sensing and producing magnetic fields and sound vibrations, progressing through transition states interspaced by the emergence of ordered images of structure and function.

“We can now govern the appearance of these images with electromagnetic and acoustic energies. Due to their diffusive nature, we are able to target and reprogram the stem cells where they are, in all tissues of the body. This strategy promotes our natural ability for self-healing, affording a regenerative medicine without the need for stem cell transplantation.”

—Carlo Ventura

Carlo Ventura received his M.D., the Ph.D. in Biochemistry and the Specialization in Cardiology from the University of Bologna, Italy. He spent several years at the Laboratory of Cardiovascular Sciences of the N.I.H. – N.I.A. in Baltimore, MD, USA. He is Full Professor of Molecular Biology at the School of Medicine of the University of Bologna, Italy, and Director of the Stem Wave Institute for Tissue Healing (SWITH) – Ettore Sansavini Health Science Foundation-ONLUS (Lugo, Ravenna, Italy). He is Chief of the Division of Bologna of the National Institute of Biostructures and Biosystems (NIBB), including the NIBB Research Units of Bologna, Firenze, and Siena, Italy, and Director of the Experimental Cardiology Unit of the Institute of Cardiology at the School of Medicine of the University of Bologna, Italy.

In 2011, he founded VID, Visual Institute of Developmental Arts & Sciences (www.vidartscience.org), a dynamic movement focused on rethinking the human interaction with Arts and Sciences to promote a consciousness shift and the deployment of transformative technologies into well-being paths and self-healing potential.

Carlo devoted his studies to the molecular dissection of myocardial cell growth and differentiation, discovering nuclear endorphin receptors and signaling responsible for stem cell cardiogenesis. He developed new molecules with differentiating and paracrine logics for cardiovascular regenerative medicine. He discovered the ability of extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields and radioelectric fields to enhance stem cell pluripotency, and afford direct reprogramming of human dermal skin fibroblasts to myocardial, neuronal, and skeletal muscle lineages.

He provided evidence that properly conveyed electromagnetic fields were able to revert stem cell senescence, disclosing novel perspectives in stem cell-based therapies. He found that stem cells are extremely sensitive to acoustic vibrational signatures. These findings paved the way to the use of physical energy in stem cell science.